Vilnius Shopping: Where to Shop in Vilnius, Lithuania?

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Vilnius, Lithuania is a great place to shop as they haven't yet switched to the Euro and their economy is in a slump, but to get bargains, quality items and unique Lithuanian souvenirs you should try to get out of the Vilnius city center.

Shopping in the Old Town of VilniusThere is a market in the Old Town aimed at tourists with lots of souvenirs and a few local products. Also in the Old Town you will find other places to buy souvenirs.

Within the Old Town of Vilnius are several notable stores selling top quality Lithuanian products and souvenirs. The main three stores of this kind are right next to each other on Pilies street. On Pilies Street you can shop in a quaint tea store, a store of handmade chocolate and a Lithuanian linen store. If you are shopping for generic souvenirs you will also find stores of that kind on Pilies Street.

chocolate store vilnius

Vilnius mallsOnce you leave the center of Vilnius you can choose from a number of Lithuanian malls the biggest of which is Ozas but it is a little far out of town and you would need a taxi or public transport to reach it. The Ozas is right next to the Akropolis Mall which is the largest mall in Lithuania. Both of these Vilnius malls have all of the top brand name stores as well as Lithuanian stores. To my taste the Ozas is better, but both offer an impressive range of entertainment movie houses, bowling and of course shopping. The malls are open from 08:00 to 23:00 and any taxi driver can take you there.

You can reach the Europa Mall on foot from Vilnius Old Town by just crossing the Neris River on the White Bridge and walking up the road until you see the huge 21000 meter square, three storey mall on your left. In these Vilnius malls you will find not only a lot of the standard western brands but also Lithuanian brands. The malls have the usual fast food restaurants and some of them have movie theaters and entertainment centers. They are expensive but when Lithuanian stores have sales they are really rock bottom prices!

On Gedimino Street there is a mall which is struggling to survive, there are many vacant stores and the interior is dark and depressing. I wouldn't go there to shop but the plus point of this mall is that there is a money exchange there which is open even on Sundays.

VIlnius shopping

Lady selling pickled cabbage from a barrel in Vilnius market 

Vilnius MarketsThe other option for shopping in Vilnius is to visit the local markets. You can reach the Kalvariju market by foot by crossing the Green Bridge and walking about 15 minutes, from the bridge until you see it on your right or take bus number 10. Shopping in this Vilnius market is more for people watching and finding odd unique items which perhaps someone has brought straight from their home to sell. You can also buy meat, cheese and vegetables here. I recommend the honey which you can taste before you buy!

For shopping further out of town there is the Gariunia market which is supposed to be one of the biggest in Europe and the biggest in the Baltic States. You can get everything imaginable from this market and all for reasonable prices. The easiest way to reach the Gariunia market is by taxi as it is off the Kaunas highway. A Vilnius taxi should cost you about 20 Lt and you can ask the taxi to pick you up later. I suggest at least 2 hours for seeing this market.

For other interesting shopping in Vilnius take a walk up Gedimino Avenue which is considered the shopping street of Vilnius but as you see above there are many other shopping options in Vilnius. On Gedimino Avenue you will find some of the most exclusive stores, cafes and hotels but apart from that the Avenue itself dates back to Medieval times and is considered a tourist attraction in itself. Start your stroll up Gedimino Avenue at Cathedral Square.

Of all of the Vilnius shopping options I have mentioned the one I found the most exciting and unique was the Gariunia market so make sure you leave time for a visit.