Verizon FiOS Vs. AT&T U-verse: Home Internet Services Compared

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U-verse has the advantage of greater availability and cost-effectiveness due to their existing network. This makes it ideal for anyone on a budget, or anyone who doesn’t want to wait for FiOS, since chances are, U-verse will be at your door first.

Home Internet Services

Since the quality of your home Internet service affects literally everything you do online, it’s essential to make sure you get a service that matches your particular needs. After all, a slow Internet speed could completely interrupt any business that requires video or constant high bandwidth for downloading large files, for example.

Verizon FiOS


Verizon FiOS offers various bundles that include Internet with other services like television and phone. But if what you really want is high speed Internet for home use, then you’ll want to look at the FiOS stand-alone plans. The cheapest one starts at around $70 per month for 15 mbps (megabytes per second) download, and 5mbps for uploading. This plan is called “Good” and is shown in yellow. The plan called “better” is about $80 per month and has 50 Mbps down, with 25 Mbps. The plan called “Best,” in red has a speed of 75/35 Mbps. It costs about $90 per month.

All plans require a 2 year contract, though you can get the same plans without the contract by adding 5 dollars per month to the fee. All plans past the 15/5 one are “Quantum.” The plans go up from the 75 Mbps one to higher speeds, such as 90 or so per month for 150/65 Mbps, and even $200 per month for 300 Mbps, but generally you’d be hard pressed to find a use for any more bandwidth than 75 Mbps for a home, even if you have several people using computers in it.

Extra Features-

Fiber to the Premises (FTTP):

This means that Verizon is making fiber optic line connections lead directly to the homes of subscribers. By establishing a brand new network instead of using the existing wire systems, FiOS is showing their dedication to speed and reliability, though availability roll outs will suffer as a result.





Verizon’s strategy of FTTP means that it’s going to take them a lot longer to roll out their service to everyone then other services.  This is because it takes more time to create the new networks than use the old ones. This is a major downside, since if FiOS isn’t already in your area, and you can’t find any evidence that there are plans to bring FiOS to your area, it could be sometime before the service becomes available to you.


FiOS is one of the more expensive services you can get in terms of the Internet. If you just want a simple Internet plan for browsing around and sending email, then you won’t generally need the kind of serious power in terms of bandwidth that you get from FiOS, because you do pay for it as a result.




There are few services that match FiOS in terms of speed. It’s particularly good for supporting multiple devices. The problem with having people use more than one computer, mobile device, tablet, or any other device that connects to your Internet is that they all draw on the bandwidth. If you get a cheap plan, then more than one device drawing on the network could give you a very sluggish speed. FiOS has a max speed of 300 Mbps, and for only slightly more than other cable companies you can get 75 Mbps.

These speeds are good if you’re a gamer who wants to prevent lag as much as possible, or someone who watches lots of streaming video and you don’t want to see stuttering in the feed.



The all fiber optic lines in the Quantum plans are known to be considerably more reliable than other cable plans. This is an important plus if you are doing video conferencing, for example, and need to avoid dropped connections at all costs.

AT&T U-verse


The U-verse service from AT&T offers a more cost efficient, flexible solution for home Internet. The price range varies between the “Pro” plan which costs around $38 per month with 3 Mbps, and the “Max Turbo plan with $63 per month and speeds of up to 24 Mbps. There are a variety of plans in between as well, allowing you to get exactly the speed that you want.



-2 GB email storage

-Access to AT&T national Wi-Fi network included

-Antivirus software package including parental controls and firewall protection.

-FTTN (fiber to the node) uses both fiber optics and an existing copper wiring network to allow for speed and lower costs. It also means that U-verse can set up connections faster.



While U-verse has an alright max speed at 24 Mbps, this pales in comparison to the 300 Mbps through FiOS. This means that those who need serious speed will find U-verse sorely lacking.


There can be delays during a power outage as the RG (Remote Gateway) device tries to re-sync and takes several minutes to do so. If it fails to re-sync, additional measures may need to be taken to fix it. Overall, the service is less reliable than FiOS in general as well.



U-verse is considerably cheaper than FiOS and other companies, with 5 different plans you can choose to get exactly the speed you want. This makes it ideal if you just want to watch the occasional video, or if you have an idea of exactly the speed that you want, since you’ll be more likely to find it here if it’s between 3 and 24 Mbps.


U-verse is making use of the AT&T copper network to get their new service to people much faster than other services like FiOS. This means that it could become available to new people in a hurry, even if they’ve never heard of it in coming to their area previously. It could also mean less hassle in getting the network installed for particular homes, since many connections may already be in place.

Customer Service-

Since U-verse is relatively new to the market, they are going out of their way to provide one of the highest rated customer service experiences in the U.S.

So Which Service Is Right for Me?

That depends on what you need. For example-

Gamers-Go with FiOS. The extra money is worth the lack of connection drops and lag.

Spendthrifts- U-verse is the service for you. Some of the higher rates will still have plenty of speed, and you won’t break the bank.

Small Families- If you have a family and are trying to save, the U-Verse service can cover what you’ll need for basic browsing and video without costing you money you need for higher necessities.

Home Business-If you’re running a home business, chances are you‘ll need the reliability and speed that FiOS provides.


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