Vera Bradley vs LeSportsac vs Stephanie Dawn: Bags Compared

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Vera Bradley makes bags that are easy to personalize with your name or initials right from the online portal. Stephanie Dawn is full of bags aimed at younger audiences such as the specialty Tokidoki bags in the shape of plushie animals with colorful carto

Bags are often a great way to combine form and function so that it looks the way you want but also holds what you want as well. Here’s a comparison between some of the major bag companies out there so you can choose.

Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley offers modern bag and backpack styles for all ages. It’s often a good choice for students.


  • Free Shipping for Orders Over $75-As long as you order more than $75 total in bags or other items on the site, you can get them shipped to you in the U.S. for free.
  • Personalize U.S. Bags-This is only for the U.S., but if you click on the personalization link in the top left corner of the main site, you can see a list of bags that you can get personalized. The options for this are one character, three characters or “name.” You can also choose the thread color and font style. Brackets, rounded borders or frames are an example of styles you can choose.
  • Grommets on Some Bags-Some bags have headphone cord opening grommets so that you can put an MP3 player there and then have the cord come out of the bag and into your ears so you can listen on the go right from your bag.
  • Online Only Sales-There are often sales on the site for bags that are only available online. This will often be listed in the changing section in the top left corner of the site.


Le Sportsac

LeSportsac is definitely aimed at a younger crowd. It’s focused on casual nylon bags and the company has been around since 1974. It’s a good place to go for specialty trend bags like the Tokidoki ones.


  • Frequent Free Shipping Deals-This is often free ground shipping for orders over $49, but it does seem to change month to month.
  • Unique Bags Available Such as for Tokidoki-These are more cute bags aimed at a younger crowd. An example is the Palette Backpack which is in the shape of the cat-like main character from the company.
  • Locate Stores-Hit the “retail locator” link from the main page to see what stores are available. Unfortunately, you can’t really search near you this way, instead you have to just look down through the page to see if any of them are in your state or area.


Stephanie Dawn

The bags from Stephanie Dawn are largely quilted handbags and purses. They are made only in the United States. The site is a good one for those who are interested in finding the cheapest bags possible since they are often a bit more economical than the other options. It’s also a rather intuitive site, making it easy to find what you are looking for in terms of travel bags and accessories, or smaller handbags at cheaper prices.


  • Factory Outlet Sales-You can often get bags from the factory outlet sales at as much as 75% off.
  • Free Giveaways-Click on the “giveaways” section on the left under “categories” to see about finding opportunities for entering to win free bags. You can often win colorful bags with various designs this way.
  • Unique Custom Patterns-On each product page for the bags, you can select the pattern you want under “color.” There are usually around a dozen of these, and many of them are pretty unique in terms of the type of floral patterns and colors available.

Head to Head


The support features for Vera Bradley include a phone line at 888-855-8372 from 7 am to Midnight during the week, and until 10 PM EST on the weekends. There’s also a “chat with us” option in the bottom right corner of the customer service page though it appears to be frequently non-functional. You can get to the customer service page by clicking the link at the top left from the main page.

Support features for LeSportsac include their phone number at 877-397-6597 and an email link you can use at the bottom of the main page under “Contact Us.” The form is straightforward and only one page without many hoops to jump through, and you can even attach files up to 2 MB if you need to show the company something.

Click on “Contact Us” directly on the right from the main page to see the support features. This is just their toll-free number at 855-238-6580 and an email form. There are also a number of other unique features from Stephanie Dawn including the ability to shop by pattern or their selection of free giveaways for bags.

Overall, Vera Bradley seems to have some of the best support features particularly since they offer so many hours daily, and there’s even the option for email chat out there potentially as well.


An example of a bag you can get from Vera Bradley is the Ziggy Zinnia Campus Backpack which goes for $109. This is one of the bags that you can personalize simply by checking the “Monogram” option available on the right. Here you can choose one character or three initials, and then the thread color you want from 18 possible colors. After you type in the initials you want, for example, you can then hit “preview” to show what they’d look like on the bag. This is actually a good idea in order to make sure whether the color you chose would have enough contrast to be rally visible.

An example of pricing for LeSportsac is the Palette Backpack from Tokidoki which goes for $138. This bag looks like a plush animal character in its shape and its full of little cartoon drawings from the company in commemoration of Tokidoki’s 10th anniversary. The bag part is only in the head.

Stephanie Dawn has handbags such as the Cargo Crossbody bag for $79. There’s also the petite shoulder bag for $32 as well, for example.

Overall, Stephanie Dawn has many cheaper bags than the other options though many of them are also considerably smaller. Stephanie Dawn also ends up being a good option for bargain hunters since it has the factory sales and the free giveaways available as well.