Vayama vs. OneTravel vs. Expedia: Travel Booking Site Comparison

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A review and comparison of three online travel agencies, Vayama, Expedia and OneTravel; outlining the strengths, weaknesses and pricing of each one. Various criteria an informed buyer looks at when choosing between Internet travel providers.

Modern travelers have many options when it comes to booking their trips online. Although most Web sites promise the best deals however, upon a closer look not all of them have the prices nor services that are equally good. A well informed buyer needs to keep in mind several criteria when choosing among the multitude of online travel companies available.

For a budget conscious traveler it’s important to find out which of the Web sites advertising cheap flights or hotel rooms actually have better rates than the competing travel providers. When comparing prices, a buyer should check whether the quoted rates include taxes and fees, which will add up to a significant portion of the final price. One needs to keep in mind that the company providing the best rate for a given trip is not necessarily the best option every time. During the next trip its competitor could have a better quote, so it’s always good to compare several options.

Besides shopping at various travel companies, sometimes it’s worth also checking the costs at an airline’s Web site. If the airline’s price is cheaper by a small fraction, it usually means that the travel site has added a fee for its services. A buyer who compares several travel sites will find that many companies are able to drop such fees because of their relationship with the airlines.

Another thing a traveler needs to pay attention to is a hotel rating system that most travel companies have these days. Different Web sites often display a different rating of the same hotel, confusing or even misleading a buyer. So travelers who seek quality are better off comparing the rating systems in several places before making their reservation.

Some of the popular online travel companies customers should look at when comparing prices and services are Vayama, specialized in international travel; discount oriented OneTravel; and Expedia, a travel marketplace serving leisure and business travelers with tastes and budgets ranging from modest to luxury.

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B. Collett
Posted on Apr 2, 2012