Varieties of Apples: "M" to "Mc"

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Varieties of Apples "M" to "Mc"

More apples make this list, except that in this article I will be outlining the varieties that begin with the letter "M" to "Mc."


The Macoun apple is a cross between the McIntosh and the Jersey Black and was created by Geneva Station in 1909, although it was not introduced to society until 1950. It harvests in early to mid-October and is in season until December. It is shaped and sized like a McIntosh, but has more stripes and a deeper red color.

Magnum Bonum

The Magnum Bonum apple is form 1828 North Carolina and is a medium sized fruit that is yellow with some red.

Magnum Gala

The Magnum Gala is a sport of Gala and is quite a bit larger.

Maiden's Blush

The Maiden's Blush is from pre-1817 New Jersey. It harvests from mid-August to mid-September and is in season until December. It is used for cooking, ciders, and desserts and also dries quite well. It is flat, round, and is pale yellow with a crimson blush.


The Maigold apple comes from 1944 Switzerland harvests in October and is in season through Spring. It keeps well and is resistant to bruising. It has a honey taste until it has been stored, then it turns into a mild citrus flavor.


The Malinda apple harvests in late October and is in season from November to February.

Malus Floribunda

The Malus Floribunda is an ornamental crab apple that flowers in early to mid-season. This apple is not for eating as it is not edible. Used for decoration only.


The Mantent apple is a cross of the Tetofsky and McIntosh apples and is from 1929 Manitoba, Canada. It harvests in mid-July and is large and sweet.


The Margil apple is from 1750 France or England and harvests in early October. It is in season until December and is small and conical shaped. Orange skin with dark red stripes with gold russet patches. Irregular shape.


The McIntosh apple comes form 1798 Ontario, Canada and harvests in September. It is in season until December and is a pretty, red color.


The McLean apple is from 1960's Canada and harvests in mid to late August. Medium in size, it is pale yellow with a light blush.


The McLellan apple is from 1780 Woodstock, Connecticut and ripens in late Fall. It is a straw colored fruit with stripes of bright red.


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