Varieties of Apples: "K"

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Varieties of Apples "K"

This article lists and describes the varieties of apples that begin with the letter, "K." Remember, an apple a day will keep the doctor away, so be sure you try all 7,500 types of apples!

Kandil Sinap

The Kandil Sinap is from 1800's Turkey and harvests in October. It is in season from October to February and is a tall, cylindrical fruit. It has a creamy, yellow porcelain-like skin with a reddish blush.

Karin Schneider

The Karin Schneider apple is a red sport of the Ingrid Marie and is from Denmark. It harvests in October and is season from December to April. It is a medium-large fruit with a yellowish skin with some crimson.

Karmiin De Sonneville

The Karmiin De Sonneville is from 1971 Netherlands and is a cross between the Jonathan and Cox's Orange Pippin. Harvests in September to October and remains in season until December. It is a very sugary apple and is one of the most strongly flavored apples known to man.


The Katia apple is a cross between the James Grieve and the Wordcester Pearmain and is from 1966 Sweden. It harvests in September and is medium in size with a nealry solid red color. A very tough skin with a good flavor.


The Keepsake apple is a cross between the Malinda and Northern Spy and was introduced in 1979. It harvests in October to November, but is in season until April. It is a very ugly apple and is irregularly shaped. It is 2.50 inches in diameter and is mostly red. Hard, fine grained and strongly scented, although the aroma mellows with age.


The Kent apple is also known as the Malling Kent and is a cross between Cox's Orange Pippin and Jonathan. It comes from East Malling, England in the 1960's. Harvests in mid-October and is in season from November to February. It is greenish and striped red.

Kerry Irish Pippin

The Kerry Irish Pippin is from 1802 Ireland and is a small, shiny yellowish apple with stripes of red on occasion. Very crunchy.

Keswick Codlin

the Keswick Codlin apple is from 1793 England and harvests from August to September. It is in season until October and is large, greenish-yellowish with a faint blush. Tarty flavor.

Kidd's Orange Red

Kidd's Orange Red is a cross between the Cox's Orange Pippin and the Red Delicious and is from 1924 New Zealand. It harvests ine arly October and is in season until January. It is medium in size, conic-shaped and is a pale green with crimson flush and purple stripes.

King Cole

The King Cole is a cross between the Jonathan and the Dutch Mignonne and is from 1912 Australia. It harvests in mid October and is bright red and is good for desserts. Keeps until January.

King David

The King David apple is from 1893 Arkansas and harvests in late October to early November. It is in season from October to December. It is a medium fruit with a pale green color overlaid with dark purplish-red.

King of the Pippins

King of the Pippins is also known as the Golden Winter Pearmain and is a cross between the Sturmer Pippin and the Ribston Pippin. Is from 1800's England. Harvests in mid-October and is in season from October to December. It is one of the most excellent in eating apples and is greenish-yellow with brownish-orange and some stripes of red. May also have some russet dots. Has an almond taste.

King Of Tompkin's County

The King of Tompkin's County comes form New York, earlier than 1804 and harvests in late September to mid-October, but remains in season until December. It is larges, smooth, with yellow and orange-red coloring. Very coarse.

Kingston Black

The Kingston Black apple comes from 1820 England and is a crimson color with yellowish-orange undertones. Bitter taste.


The Kinsei apple is a cross between the Golden Delicious and Ralls Janet and comes from Japan. It harvests in mid-October and is large and blushed yellow. Excellent for storage.

Knobbed Russet

The Knobbed Russet is also known as the Knobby Russet and is from 1819 Sussex, England. It harvests in mid to late October and is in season until March. It is green and yellow in color, although sometimes it can be streaked red in the sunshine. A very uneven apple that is covered with gray and black russet, knobs, and welts.

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