Valbazen for De-worming Your Dog Can Have Adverse Side Effects

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If your dog contracts a case of intestinal worms or other parasite, confer with your veterinarian before choosing a treatment plan. Valbazen which is an option for deworming has been safe for the use in farm animals but safety on dogs in questionable. The

If your dog is suffering from parasites, it is always best to get the advice from your Veterinarian as far as safe treatment. There are many options available that may work for one animal or pet but not for another. Valbazen is an oral suspension for the purpose of removing and controlling liver flukes, and various worms such as tape, stomach, intestinal, and lung worms, predominantly in farm animals. Most research points to the fact that it is highly recommended that Valbazen not be administered to dogs and cats. To begin with, this oral suspension, even in farm animals, may not fully treat the removal of all worms effectively.

There is a parasite that cats can contract called Giardia, which live in the small intestines. A cat can get infected with this parasite by eating the cyst form of it. As it attaches to the wall of the intestines, it whips around causing it to divide, reproduce and form a cyst around it. Giardia can be passed on in the cat feces, contaminating the environment and water which can in essence infect other animals and people.

Just recently Valbazen has been effective in dogs in the treatment of Giardia, that it may be quite effectual in treating and stopping the shedding of these cyst forms plus some treatment of worms. There are significant adverse reactions from this drug that can affect your dog or cat such as a fatal bone marrow suspension, anemia, anorexia, vomiting, diarrhea and more undo distress than the benefits they would gain. Facing the pros and cons of Valbazen, studies are proving that this drug may be quite effective and safe (used correctly) for cows, sheep and goats but the adverse side effects in cats and dogs far outweigh any of the benefits.

You love your pets and want to do what is ultimately in their best interest. If your cat (or dog) does contract some type of parasite or intestinal worms, there are more effective and safe treatments available with little side effects. The top drugs of choice to treat your pet’s intestinal distresses are Panacur or Drontal-Plus which have limited adverse reactions. There are other over-the-counter or prescription drugs for worms and parasites depending on the severity. A consultation and visit to your Vet will determine the treatment necessary for your beloved pet.

Your pet is very important to you so if you suspect he has a parasitic intestinal problem, compare all the options for treatment, including all research on Valbazen, speak with your own personal Vet, and make the decision that is in the best interests of your loving companion. The options that you choose should be helpful and safe as well.