Using the 3R's to Save Mother Earth

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The 3 R's will help save Mother Earth from destruction. There are more ways to help the planet than you thought possible. Learn about the ways to help planet Earth.

The earth is already saturated with all kinds of garbage that pollution is becoming worse every day. Worse, many people still cannot understand what is happening to Mother Earth and they keep on producing materials that is harming Mother Earth. Some people may not see the difference of now and many years ago but those who are concerned about the environment fear the worst that may happen if people keep producing garbage that adds to the already overflowing garbage on earth.

Many years ago there was vast forest and grasslands. Animals abound in many virgin forests and they were free roaming around. Today there are already several extinct animals which are impossible to bring back to life. Many people still do not realize the meaning of this animal crisis going around all over the corners of the world. Some people may think that this is a normal part of nature but it is not in that people need to do something in order to save Mother Earth before it is too late.

There are many ways by which we could help minimize the garbage and save Mother Earth from further destruction and these 3R's are very important:


Recycling is one of the best methods of minimizing thrash. Your home could be one of the places where junk is stacked. If you have things that you don’t need any more, perhaps you can try recycling them and turning them into useful materials. Old newspapers could be made into simple home decors if you know how to be creative. Plastic jars could be turned to beautiful vases. Old jeans could be turned to an organizer or a rug. All these and many more are examples of recycling.

Most towns and cities across the United States have curbside recycling and in many cities, this service is free. Putting all recyclable trash into the recycle bin instead of the regular trash container, you will really be helping Mother Earth. Recycling companies can then turn your trash into usable products. By recycling your trash, you will also be reducing the need for oil and petroleum products.



Reusing will minimize the thrash in the environment. There are many products that could be reused over and over. The worst garbage today are the plastic and Styrofoam products which have become too convenient to use that people keep using them even if they know that they are bad for the environment.

One of the best ways to minimize garbage is to reuse plastic bags over and over. Other plastic materials could also be reused over and over. But the best thing is to refrain from using these types of materials in the first place, use reusable material instead. Shopping bags are the most popular example of reusable bags, just make sure to wash them and keep them clean.


If you want to help reduce garbage then the best thing to do is avoid buying a lot of things that you will not use anyway. Always choose what to buy and buy only those that you need.  Better still, buy environmentally friendly goods.

Another great way to help Mother Earth is to reduce the consumption of meat. Eating meat might seem like something simple that causes no damage to the planet, when in fact; eating meat really hurts the Mother Earth.

The raising of cattle for steaks, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, pizza, etc causes a lot of damage to the Earth. Ranchers around the world continue to cut down valuable forests just for the raising of cattle for our consumption.

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Muzammil Irshad
Posted on Jul 28, 2011