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Using Self Tanning Products to Hide Face & Skin Imperfections

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We want to know more about how to go about preserving our skin and our looks. We are living longer. We are out there longer networking and socializing. We want to look as good as feel or better.

There are many milestones in a woman’s life; and, learning to get and keep an age-defying skin tone with little or no effort is one of them. It is true we accumulate a lot of know-how as the years go by. Today it is easy to firm, moisturize and self-tan all at the same time with the new Jergen's Natural Glow products on the market..as well as  other reliable self-tanners on the market like, L'Oreal Sublime Bronze (inexpensive and available at drugstores), Scott Barnes Self Tan Mist (easy spray-on application and very pleasant scent) and TanTowel Plus (excellent for bronze, even-looking tans)."

It is quite obvious if we dry out a grape, we get a raisin. If we dry out a plum, we get a prune with wrinkles. Thankfully, Science is keeping up with Mother Nature. We don't have to let our skin show our age. We can get that rosy, healthy, age-defying complexion with little expense. It’s subtle skin-darkening keeps working for us even when we're asleep. We'll get tighter, visibly firmer skin with less noticeable cellulite and improved elasticity with continued use:

• Self tanning products are proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite

• Self Tanning products contain anti-cellulite ingredients, including collagen, elastin, and ginseng

• Self Tanning products are designed for Fair to Medium and Medium to Tan skin tones

As if coping with laugh lines and crow’s feet wasn’t enough, we also have to deal with other age-related skin problems, like puffy eyes to large pores. Below are a few suggestions from experts to brighten, tighten, or just plain beautify your skin in other ways:

1. To shrink puffy eyes: Use hemorrhoid product Preparation H. Consult your physician before using. Prolonged uses not desirable!

2. Sleep with your head elevated

3. Reduce your intake of salt

4. Keep teaspoons in freezer and place them over your eyes when you wake with puffy eyes; this reduces swelling

5. To brighten swallow skin: Ask a dermatologist about glycolic acid derived from sugarcane which removes dead, complexion-dulling cells from top layer

6. Use Jergen's Natural Glow sun tanning products and daily moisturizers instead of make-up. It not only firms but gives the look of a natural rosy age-defying complexion, without exposing yourself to the injurious sun.

7. We can can use sun tanners to hide spider veins or broke capillaries: Fine red lines that squiggle across the cheeks or nose can be removed with a laser or an electric needle; or just use makeup

8. To minimize large pores: Use pore cleansing strips, Biore or Pond’s on your nose, forehead, chin or cheeks; astringents and clay masks can also work

9. To discourage frown lines: Place a piece of waterproof cloth tape across your forehead before bed. The tape will keep you from frowning in your sleep.

There comes a time in almost every woman’s life when, standing bleary-eyed in front of her bathroom mirror, she offers up a brief prayer of thanks. Thank God for makeup and age-defying breakthroughs like Jergen's Natural Glow Moisturizers and Self-Tanning Cosmetics. Using cosmetics like these are the simplest ways to conceal age-related skin imperfections. Make up and concealers can be goof-proof once we learn the three golden rules. Less is more. Don’t be afraid of color; just use it subtly. And blend carefully.

The truth is, applying any kind of concealer and/or and self-tanning products require skill, and as with any skill, practice makes perfect. Remember to blend, blend, blend. And nude shades are virtually most forgiving of shaky fingers. But if you have mature skin, the right tanning lotion can brighten up your entire face, making your complexion appear more youthful and beautiful; being beautiful, now that's an equal opportunity adjective.

by Joyce White


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