Urinary Tract Infection: Guide That May Speed Your Recovery and Help Prevent the Problems Recurrence

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Know what is urinary tract infection. Guide from a medical doctor that will speed your recovery and problems recurrence.

Causes of urinary tract infection

Scientist have discovered why urinary tract infections can be so persistent.  Researchers at Boston University have identified the mechanism of which E. coli, the bacteria that causes infection; cling so tenaciously to the lining of the urinary tract. Each bacterium, they say, send out hundreds of microscopic P-pili that are attach to a host cell. The P-pili are very strong, can bend and stretch up to five times their normal length, and thus are able to resist being washed away by the flow of urine.      

Guide to help prevent the problem

From infections to incontinence, problems of the urinary tract and genital systems are uncomfortable common and often very serious.  After seeing a doctor for a proper diagnosis and treatment, the following guide from a medical doctor may speed up your recovery and help prevent the problems recurrence.

  • Drink up. Women  suffer from bladder infections most frequently because of their physical makeup: the opening of a woman's urethra is closer to her bladder, and hence bacteria travel there more easily. Drinking lots of water helps relieve bladder infections and painful urination. Fruit juices contains acids that help counteract bacteria, but sometimes citrus fruit juices can make matter worse.  See what works for you. Cranberry juice is particularly helpful, as it contains a natural antibiotic that decrease bacterial production.  While suffering from an infection, drink several glasses a day.

              Drink several glasses of water everyday


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Posted on Nov 14, 2010