Urban Wiccan Fitness Spell

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How to cast an Urban Wiccan fitness spell for health and longevity.

Physical fitness is not just an important part of looking good, it is also an important part to feeling good, living long, and enjoying a high quality of life.  Physical fitness is ultimately the responsibility of each individual person.  A person must want to make a change in his or her life in order for that change to have a chance at happening. 

The following spell is a physical fitness spell which can be used for weight loss or motivation to get into the gym. 

For this spell you should gather a symbol of physical fitness and health.  Fruit seeds and vegetable leafs bundled together and carried in a small bag will do just fine.  You can even crush up a couple of multi vitamins into a powder and carry those in your bag as well.  Anything will work as long as it is a symbol for physical health and fitness and it can be carried easily on your person. 

When you have cast your circle and prepared your altar, pick up the symbol you have decided to work with and hold it in your hands.  You will now bless the item in the name of Hygieia, Goddess of Health...often described as health personified.  Say "Hygieia, Goddess of Health,  may you hear me well.  May you guide me through the choices which affect my health.  Guide me for the better, guide me towards the healthier.  I draw your power into this charm so that it may keep me from causing myself any harm.  As I say, so shall it be."

Repeat this chant as much as you need to until you can feel the power of Hygieia drawn into your health charm.  Meditate on the change which you would like Hygieia to assist you with.  If it is to choose better foods to eat or to help motivate you go get into the gym they Hygieia will help you in making more health conscious decisions when you are debating between a healthy and non healthy decision. 

This spell is complete.  You are free to release your circle. 

Carry your charm bag with you and any time you get an urge to do something (or not do something) that is healthy, pull out your charm bag and ask Hygieia for assistance in making the right decision.  In order to keep Hygieia interested in your cause and pleased, it would be a good idea to make an offering of a healthy snack or a few coins at, in, or around a gym.  Gyms are Urban temples which honor Hygieia and it is where you will feel most connected to a healthy life style.  Offerings should be made as often as you would like, but keep in mind that a happy God is a helpful God.