Unusual Riga Tourist Attraction - Latvian Medus Honey Store

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Honey is one of the products Latvia is famous for and all over Latvia you will find homemade and organic honey being sold in produce markets and stores. The countries in Northern Europe have short summers and so the flowers bloom intensely for a short period each year. The nectar from these flowers produces strongly flavored honey which contains a concentration of all the vitamins and minerals usually found in honey and a unique aromatic flavor.The various types of honey differ due to the type of flowers and plants growing in the area where the honey is produced.

For this reason you should try to taste or buy some Latvian honey while in Riga, Latvia. One of the most interesting stores to buy your Latvian honey in is Medus which is located in Riga, Latvia's capital. This Riga specialty store gets it's name from the Latvian word for bee - Medus - and is an unusual Riga tourist attraction and frequented by locals more than tourists.

riga honey store

The Riga Medus honey store has a row of bee's wax candles hanging above the counter, shelves packed with little bottles and containers and in one corner bee keeping equipment. In Medus you can see and learn everything there is to know about Latvian honey, it's production and byproducts. The array of products in Medus is mindboggling, from honey products you have heard of to the more obscure.

Among the store's shelves you will find medical remedies made from honey for a range of ailments including ADHD, headaches, skin diseases, infections and vitamin deficiencies. In their cosmetic section you can try rubbing a little honey skin cream or honey sun block on your skin as well as several flavors of lip balm made from honey.

Behind the counter are barrels of honey and pollen seeds waiting to be dolloped out with large wooden ladles.

riga honey store

There are also large rounds of honey which resemble cheese, and you can buy your honey by the slice from one of these honey rounds. The honeys vary in color depending on which flowers provided the nectar. You can also find honey here that has had pepper and other ingredients added to it. One down side to this Riga tourist attraction is that the staff at the honey store speaks no English.

In one section of the Medus honey store in Riga there is a selection of industrial equipment for honey producers including a clothes stand of bee keepers outfits and hats. On the counter in this Riga specialty store there are little pots of different colored honey for you to sample for free before making your purchase. You can buy as much or as little honey as you wish and the prices are very reasonable. On a corner table in the honey store are a variety of bee's wax candles in different shapes including bees, flowers and little animals. Any of these Latvian honey products would make an unusual and unique souvenir from Riga.

riga honey store

Don't leave without at least sampling a few types of honey and why not buy a small pot of honey which will cost you under $3. Medus honey store's open hours are from 08:00-20:00 on weekdays and 09:00-17:00 on weekends.You can find Medus Veikals Honey Store at 1a A Kalnina Street, Riga. There is also a better known honey store in Riga called "The honey room" which is located at 17 Peterbaznicas Street but to my taste the Medus Veikals honey store has more local character.


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