Unusual Jobs You Might Actually Do

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As we all know, there is a show called "Dirty Jobs", hosted by Mike Rowe. On it he goes around the country doing unusual work that usually ends up with him covered in grime. Most people have a fantasy of having a different type of job, one that allows for free expression and flexibility. However, I don't think anyone really dreams of becoming a cow inseminator or cesspool cleaner. So here are some jobs that, while maybe requiring a leap into the unconventional, won't leave you wishing for a weeklong shower. Salaries are not given because this information is not widely available, and most people going into these fields are not doing so for the money, but for a love of the occupation.

Animal psychologist

This is a job that some skeptics say is nothing but a publicity stunt, but I'm sure many people will agree that pets have personalities, with distinct likes and dislikes, habits, and quirks. The animal psychologist does mainly house calls, visiting pets and their families at home, usually to try and resolve pet behavior issues.  Knowledge of both veterinary medicine and human psychology is required, since many times the cause of the problem lies more with the humans than the cat or dog (or pig, in some cases). An animal psychologist must be prepared to deal with just about every type of creature, from hamsters and gerbils all the way up to porkbellies and llamas.

Jewelry making

This is a job that especially benefits the creative entrepreneurial spirit. It is an artisanal craft, meaning that most of the people doing this are highly skilled and make this craft according to traditional methods combined with their own artistic flair. Handcrafted items like necklaces and bracelets are custom made and one of a kind pieces, making them desirable for heirlooms and great gifts. Definitely worthwhile looking into if you are into jewelry and can afford to buy good quality tools.

Ghost Hunter

Everyone knows someone who either believes in ghosts or has experienced something they can't explain. Sometimes these strange occurrences frighten families to the point that they feel they need an intervention of some kind. The ghost hunter visits people in their homes to try and detect the presence of ghosts. This involves scanning for unusual EM (electromagnetic) fields, which can disrupt brain patterns and cause hallucinations, uneasiness, and paranoia. While some fields may be entirely man made, there are EM signatures which ghost hunters have found which nearly identically reproduce the human energy field (the EM radiation our bodies naturally produce). Hmm....

There are just so many unusual/nontraditional jobs out there that this one article can only address a few.  I may make this a series of articles, researching unusual jobs not just here in the States, but worldwide, if people are interested in knowing. Let me know what you think!