United Nations: Can They Help Stop Farm Murders?

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Can the United Nations help South Africans stop farm murders? Afriforum will be presenting a petition as supporting evidence to a report on farm murders, which will be submitted to the UN Forum For Minority Issues in November this year. South African P

Can the United Nations help South Africans stop farm murders? Afriforum will be presenting a petition as supporting evidence to a report on farm murders, which will be submitted to the UN Forum For Minority Issues in November this year.

The purpose of the exercise is to try and get contemptious South African police minister Nathi Mthethwa to finally at least give the matter his attention, and get some priority for the issue of farm murders, reports news24.com.

Afriforum is a non-government, non profit organization protecting the rights of minotiries, with a focus on but not limited to Afrikaners.

Farm murders started around 20 years ago when a radical terrorist group under the successful propaganda guise of a "liberation struggle group", the African National Congress (ANC), came to power in South Africa, to rule in what they call a "Tripartite Alliance" with the Communist Party (SACP) and a labor union federation called COSATU, as explained on the ANC's children's version of their website.

For years propaganda abroad pretended that the ANC is a movement solely by black Africans for better rights, and in the aftermath it was almost all pinned on now world-famous Nelson Mandela. Now that the movement has had its superficial victory , Jews want their credit for the controversial democracy though, as can be read in jewishsa.co.za.

In abovementioned article entitled "Jews behind Mandela", one of the Jews mentioned is Arthur Goldreich, a founding member of Umkhonto we Sizwe. Umkhonto we sizwe is the "armed wing" of the ANC and the Communist Party. Umkhonto we Sizwe (aka MK) executed the actual murdering and terrorist atrocities, killing of thousands, especially black people, the same people the world was told the ANC was trying to "liberate", in order to force submission of the black masses to the ANC by means of instilling total fear.

The most infamous of many torture camps of the ANC, designed to "program" blacks in was in neighbouring Angola, and goes by the name of Camp Quatro. Some mention of it was made during the "Truth And Reconcilliation Commision"'s hearings, although the latter focused a lot more on incriminating the previous government in their inhumane acts in combating the ANC and the Communist Party. However, this document on justice.gov.zamentions a case against the ANC and their torture camp, as well as this short video clip:

More about camp Quatro can also be read on TheTruthAboutSouthAfrica.com.


Above: Center stands Nelson Mandela, co-founder of Umkhonto we Sizwe which was the armed wing of both the ANC and Communist Party; to the right, Joe Slovo, a Jewish leader of Umkhonto we Sizwe; left: Mandela's ex-wife Winnie Mandela. She was a supporter of necklacing, a practice to put a rubber tyre filled with petrol around the neck of whomever wouldn't support their radical ideas or would appear to have loyalties elsewhere, and burn them alive while constantly humiliating the victim and disrespecting the corpse.

The Communist undertones of this ANC government have had dire consequences for land-owning white farmers who, going back almost 400 years, have been feeding this country successfully with their produce, whose "sin" is both being owners of land who provide private non-government jobs to laborers, and being white (white is equaled with being capitalist, the enemy of Communism).

The aim of most all farm murders is to torture and mutilate as long and as brutally as possible the farmer and his family, and loyal workers who might be present, in ways unspeakable in decent company, until they have slowly and painfully died. Even the very few who might miraculously survive, should be permanently maimed, traumatized and damaged.

The aim is to drive away the Boers (old Dutch word for Famers) and open up land so the ANC can just take it from its rightful owners without giving them any compensation. A common lie they use is that white people came from Europe and "stole" the land from "indigenous" black people and must now be murdered off it. The truth would of course be, as newobserveronline.comexplains it, that a great migration of black people took place from the Great Lakes region southwards, eventually reaching Southern Africa at around the same time as white settlers, and these black people stole the land from and murdered away the true indigenous people of South Africa, the Khoi-San or Bushmen and their subgroups. Black people are intruders in South Africa by ANC definition, but this they simply ignore.

Land expropriation without compensation is an issue that radical leftists like to bring up time and again, as this article by timeslive.co.zaattests. While the radicals commit these farmer-killing crimes underground, the ANC in its offical government capacity have been doing everything they can to make sure these atrocities continue unencumbered.

Their hiding of the truth can come in any form, from lying about the cause of death on death certificates, as is reported by censorbugbear, to simply lying about the statistics, as reported on politicsweb. But their most favorite way is to just shrug it off as just normal crime, nothing to be concerned about.

In 2003 former ANC State President Thabo Mbeki announced out of the blue that the South African Commando System, existing according to Wikipediasince the 1770's, would be abolished without reason.

The Commandoes was a voluntary, part-time force of the South African Army, but served under the South African Police Service. Commandos were responsible for the safeguarding and protection of a specific community in an area, usually farms.

Thabo Mbeki then lied and added that an alternative structure, managed by the police, would be instituted in the Commandoes' stead.

Ten years later, not surprizingly, nothing has been done about it, and farming communities have been left open to be butchered like animals, and indeed have been.

It is now obvious why the ANC wanted the Commandoes gone.

The current ANC state president, a proven criminal of many crimes, Jacob Zuma, loves publicly singing songs to spur on the murder of the white farmer:

The serious matter of farm murders has only been treated with disdain, contempt and disrespect by the ANC. In 2010, Afriforum tried to deliver a list of names of 1,600 farm murder victims and a memorandum to Luthuli House, the ANC Headquarters. ANC Youth League members chased them away, threw their list on the pavement and trampled on it with deliberate disdain, according to politicsweb.

Former ANC Youth League president Julius Malema also threatened AfriForum Youth with death by saying it would be the next "Shell House Massacre" if AfriForum Youth were to protest in front of his office (Luthuli House).

"It is extremely perturbing that they actually trod on the names of the murder victims", Ernst Roets, deputy CEO of Afriforum, commented about the incident.

According to Roets, AfriForum is now aiming to expose Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa's "don't care attitude" towards farm murders to the world. "Every step taken by government during the past decade in terms of farm murders actually amounted to deprioritising the crime", news24.comreports Roets as saying.

If you would like to sign the petition, you may do so on https://www.afriforum.co.za/how-long-still/ or https://www.afriforum.co.za/hoe-lank-nog/.

The petition and some reasons for it are explained here:

The petition will be closed on 1 November, after which the final preparation for AfriForum’s participation in the UN Forum will commence.

AfriForum has registered as a participant and will be afforded the opportunity to address the Forum. The petition will serve as supporting evidence for a report to be submitted at the same time.

AfriForum will also meet with particular UN officials in order to discuss the matter in more detail.

Here are ten reasons why farm murders should be prioritised, according to politicsweb.

Praag.org reports in 2012, 48 European Members of Parliament condemned these farm attacks. A declaration asking the South African government to urgently take measures to protect the Boers, was signed by 48 European Members of Parliament from 19 different member states and 7 political groups. Only the Greens and the N-VA apparently are not concerned by the massive killing of white South African farmers.