Understanding Skinny People: The Ectomorph Body Type

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Unfortunately skinny people cannot help being skinny unless intensive physical conditioning is practiced. This is because of their naturally faster burning metabolisms individuals with Ectomorph body types will lose weight and stay skinny longer. Althou

In the early 1930’s throughout the 1970’s William Sheldon, an American Physicist studied the differences and similarities between humans and their figures.  During his studies he also examined the differences and similarities between human personalities and even delinquencies.  This research helped William Sheldon conclude a ‘physique classification chart’ in which he classified the differences between what he described as three different human body types. 

One specific classification is the Ectomorph body type, a term coined by William Sheldon.  William Sheldon described individuals with Ectomorph body types to have very thin body structures and to be usually very light in weight.  Basically skinny people.  However, the Ectomorph body type is much more than that.  Although not just skinny, individuals with an Ectomorph body type usually have very fast metabolisms that allow them to burn off much more fat than most other individuals.  An Ectomorph’s fast metabolism is also primarily the reason why these individuals have the hardest time gaining weight.  Ectomorph individuals are often described as having narrower chests and thinner and longer legs and arms. 

These individuals usually do not face health concerns or issues due to their body type either.  Obesity is not a fear for them as they will stay thin primarily the majority of their life because of the naturally faster burning metabolisms.  As well as they do not have to fear putting too much weight on their own joints or muscles as their bodies naturally increase in strength as they are able to put on more weight. 

In order for an individual with an Ectomorph body type to gain weight they must consume their body weight times half in grams of protein in order for their muscles to gain additional nutrients.  This also helps their bodies naturally initiate amino acid synthesis as well as protein synthesis which are the building block for all muscles.  These types of individuals should also eat between 6 and 10 meals a day and be sure to eat right before bed as when they are sleeping they are burning the fewest amounts of calories allowing their bodies to put on additional weight. 

Keeping up with this dietary routine can assist an individual with an Ectomorph body type to lean towards more of a Mesomorph (athletic) body type.  Constant conditioning and eating are a requirement for individuals with Ectomorph body types.  If constant conditioning is not always kept up with this an Ectomorph body type will begin to naturally burn more calories than gained which will result in weight lost rather than built.       


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