Tutorial Drawing the Figure Part 3 Animemanga Style

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This is part 3 of my "Drawing the Figure" series (Anime/Manga Style) A guide on how to draw the torso.


  • This tutorial and most of the other figure drawing tutorials I previously posted owe a lot of it's thanks to Burne Hogarth's "dynamic figure drawing" book. I used the "body shapes" techniques he demonstrated in his book and simplified them a bit to be more useful for anime drawing.
  • A word of warning, you'll be seeing the human torso in the nude here, so i hope the women who'll read through this will understand the need for us to draw the human figure this way, and the men better not use this as an excuse to draw "hentai" (perverted) drawings ok?
  • Remember to always treat the instructions here as guidelines (not rules in drawing the figure), and always draw lightly.
  • Let's start!

Figure 1.

The adult male torso presented here has a semi-muscular built, so you can have an idea of how the muscles give shape to the body. You can use this to help you visualize drawing those troublesome muscles. You can adjust the amount details and muscle size depending on your needs.

Figure 2.

This is how i usually draw the adult female torso, i adjust certain details such as muscles, breast, and waist and hip size whenever needed to create different body shapes and types.

To help you visualize drawing the torso much easier, we'll need to draw it's basic shapes (remember the rounded boxes in my previous figure drawing tutorials?) I drew the rounded boxes here, only much darker than needed to make it easier for you to see what shape to draw first before adding the main shape of the torso.

Figure 3.

  • I used a more rounded set of boxes to draw the female figure, this helps me identify the gender of the torso that I’m about to draw (very useful when planning to draw multiple figures on paper),
  • You'll notice that even if the figure is standing straight; the two rounded boxes are both prawn tilted due to the natural shape of the spine which is also prawn above.
  • Having these facts in mind, we'll use the rounded 80xes to help you visualize how the torso is prawn in different angles.

Figure 4.

By twisting the rounded boxes in different angles, you can create variety op body positions, useful in helping you visualize those difficult poses. Use the wire frame and the basic body shapes to help you plan those body positions. (There will be an arms and legs tutorial so dont worry about not being able to draw those limbs in detail)

Figure 5.

Finally, the estimated position of drawing the nipples is about 90 degrees apart from the point where the neck and the two collarbones meet (see figure 6.). This is also applicable no matter how big the sizes of the women’s breasts are drawn; the nipples are almost always placed in this angle.

Figue 6.

That's it for now, Enjoy practicing!