Turn Your Extreme Couponing into CA$H Using Amazon Marketplace

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Take part in Extreme Couponing to obtain stockpile inventory. Sell your extra items on Amazon Marketplace.

Exteme Couponing (obtaining grocery and/or health & beauty items for pennies by combining coupons, store sales, and store promotions) is a great source of online sales inventory. Every week, there are items available for free after the use of coupons and store rewards from stores like Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid. Very inexpensive items are also available from grocery stores and big box retailers like Target, Wal-Mart, and KMart.

If you are already an Extreme Couponer, you likely have a collection of these free or almost-free items in your home right now. Why not turn them into cash? 

1) Find everything you have that weighs less than 13 ounces (the limit for USPS First Class Mail is 13oz. A bubble mailer + packing slip + label is usually about 1 ounce)

2) Pick up some bubble mailers. Plastic are lighter than paper. You can get these for a VERY GOOD PRICE in bulk from Ebay from a variety of sellers. If you do not want to buy in bulk, Walmart is the best price unless Walgreens has them on loss leader. Dollar General is also a good source of shipping supplies.

3) Pick up some good packaging tape. Duck, Scotch, etc. There are almost always valid coupons in circulation for both, best to double-dip this with store coupons for Staples/Officemax or buy at Walmart or Dollar General.

4) Keep all your receipts in one place for the items that you buy for your inventory. This will allow you to refer to your per-item cost so you can properly price your items for sale at Amazon Marketplace.

Now you are ready.

1) Go to http://www.amazon.com/gp/seller/sell-your-stuff.html

This is the one you want: Individual Plan (Sell Your Stuff). If you are looking to sell only a few products or expect to have less than 40 orders a month, sign up as an Individual seller with Amazon which has no monthly fee but instead a per product sold fee of $0.99Sign up for an Individual account.

Unless you have thousands of items, you do not need any type of monthly fee account (pro account). The entry-level Pro Account fee is $39.99. For that $39.99 fee, you are no longer charged the 99c per-item fee, so keep an eye on how many items you are selling monthly. If it becomes cost-effective for you to upgrade, you can do so at any time through your Seller Dashboard.

2) Pick one of your products. Know how many of that exact type that you have (say they are Culturelle Probiotic caplets in a 30-pack and you have 12 of them). Type the UPC from the product packaging into the box on the Sell Your Stuff page.

3) Aside from a very few exceptions, the database will retrieve product specifications, photos, and Amazon-approved listing information for you. There may be more than one choice. Select the one that matches or most closely depicts the item you have to sell. Click the sell button next to the description.

4) Next page is where you enter your asking price, how many you have, the condition, and text if you wish. I enter expiration dates in the text when they are relevant. If there is shelf wear I describe it briefly there. This page will also show what other people are selling this product for (top right of page by photo) and your shipping allowance. For most health & beauty & vitamin, etc Walgreens type items your shipping allowance will be $4.99 for standard shipping. It will also show you the commission Amazon will take upon the sale of your item. This is 99c per item + a small commission percentage which varies depending on the type of item.

5) There may be a tick-box for you to offer expedited shipping (Priority Mail) or international shipping. If you are just starting out, stick with the basic standard shipping. Plenty of time to branch out later.

When you have entered all the information needed click the List Your Item box at the bottom of the page. Within 15 minutes your item(s) will be available for people to buy on Amazon.com.

To obtain money from Amazon for your sales you must have a bank account tied to your Amazon.com account. I have my IngDirect account tied to it. You must also have a verified credit or debit card on file with them.

When your item sells, you will receive an email from Amazon.com. Go log into your account, then go to "Your Seller Account" on right side under login. There will be a place for you to view your unshipped orders. Print packing slip for package and packing slip for your files. Pack item in a mailer. Weigh item. DON'T GUESS. Most people overpay for postage when they guess. You can get a small scale free with a Stamps.com trial account. 

You will be able to print a shipping label through Amazon. If you have a Stamps.com account you can log into it from Amazon (will be totally obvious how) to print labels for no fee besides postage. If you do not have Stamps.com it will cost 7c per shipping label which is reasonable. Follow the intuitive shipping screens. Choose first class mail (unless expedited, then Priority). Enter the package weight in ounces. On the next screen, choose to have DELIVERY CONFIRMATION. Since you are printing your label online not only will you receive discounted postage, your delivery confirmation will only cost 19c instead of 80c (post office price).

If you have shipping labels, use them. If not, you can print your label on plain paper and tape it to the package. Put the completed package in your mailbox & put up the flag.

To get your sales money: Amazon holds all payments for new sellers for 14 days. On the 15th day whatever you have in your sales account will automatically be transferred to your linked bank account. After that first disbursement, you can request disbursements to your bank account as often as once per day by manually going into your Amazon Payments page & requesting a disbursement. If you do not manually request disbursement, any balance you have will always be automatically disbursed to your bank account every 14 days.

So, to turn some of your Extreme Couponing stockpile into CA$H, go pick some items from your home, list them on Amazon, and get ready to GET PAID!

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