TruFlavorWare: Non-Metallic Eco-Friendly Knives, Forks and Spoons

Updated October 28, 2011

With the growing awareness of our delicate environment many eco-conscious people are looking for ways to keep our planet green. With this in mind eco-friendly kitchen utensils have been developed, either from bio-degradable plastic, bamboo or recycled materials. However most of these products are disposable, TuFlavorWare is an eco-friendly flatware product that is also healthier than standard flatware and designed to be long lasting.

The name flatware was coined as an alternative to silverware, when the utensils are not made of metal, or alternatively flatware is referred to simply as cutlery or kitchen utensils.

Apart from being eco-friendly there are other reasons to swap your old cutlery for TruFlavoWare:• These products are made from sustainable materials, meaning the bamboo is easily and rapidly re-grown, the material source is not likely to run out.

• Apart from being eco-friendly TruFlavorWare utensils are also much healthier for you than conventional tableware. Just think each time you put a metal spoon in your mouth metal trace elements are pasted on to your food and into your system. Over time this can become harmful so TruFlavorWare, which contains no toxic metals, is helping you and the environment and even makes your food taste better!

• TruFlavorWare flatware are bio-degradable and so when eventually you do replace them (with new TruFlavorWare) they won't spend centuries rotting in a landfill.

• TruFlavorWare flatware is long lasting, not disposable as other bamboo utensils can be, they are reasonably priced and so the investment is justified by the years of satisfaction you will get from them. The TruFlavorWare products have a lifetime warranty.

• Another distinguishing characteristic of the TruFlavorWare cutlery is that they are attractive, the set of tableware don't look like you are sacrificing style for green reasons! The TruFlavorWare resembles stainless steel both in appearance and in their comfortable weight and strength.

• TruFlavorWare is FDA approved and can be washed in a dishwasher.

• TruFlavorWare is made in the USA.


For those of you who not only are environmentally conscious but also follow an organic lifestyle the TruFlavorWare is an added bonus, as it is not metal based – like silverware – so your organic foods travel from farm to table without absorbing the trace metals from utensils.

TruFlavorWare offers us an opportunity to do something for our environment, as well as ourselves with this reusable, durable and practical eco-friendly flatware. This is another small change in your lifestyle which could eventually effect the environment in a big way.

To learn more about this eco-friendly product go to the TruFlavorWare website.