Treating/Relieving Overactive Bladder Symptoms with TOVIAZ

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TOVIAZ may be a right choice to help you manage your overactive bladder symptoms day and night. TOVIAZ has been shown to be useful to treat symptoms including urgent, sudden, frequent leaks or a strong urge to urinate, or leaking/wetting accidents whereve

What is TOVIAZ?

TOVIAZ is a prescription medicine used to help treat symptoms of a medical condition called overactive bladder such as urgent, sudden, frequent leaks or a strong urge to urinate, or leaking/wetting accidents wherever you are as your bladder muscle is unable to coordinate or control the contraction in the wall of the bladder day and night. Specifically, TOVIAZ is a prescription drug for adults 18 years and older who are suffering from symptoms of overactive bladder, including urinary frequency (having to urinate too many times), urge urinary incontinence (leaking/wetting accidents caused by a strong desire to urinate) and urinary urgency (having a strong desire to urinate right away).

Before You Start TOVIAZ, What Should You Concern Yourself About?

Prior to taking TOVIAZ, please let your doctor or healthcare professional know about all the medical conditions you are experiencing. This may include liver or kidney related problems; eye problem called narrow-angled glaucoma; intestinal or stomach related problems; weakened urine stream; a condition called myasthenia gravis; difficulty in emptying bladder or any problems dealing with constipation. Additionally, you should advise your doctor before starting TOVIAZ, if you’re undergoing chemotherapy, surgical procedures or dialysis; have a history of abusing marijuana, heroin, street drugs, ecstasy, morphine, alcohol or any prescribed drugs; planning to get pregnant; or breastfeed. Especially tell your doctor if you are also taking vitamins, traditional herbal products, prescribed and non-prescribed medications.

Normally, your doctor will prescribe you the lower 4mg dose of TOVIAZ if you are experiencing certain medical conditions, including severe kidney or/and liver problem (s). In any occasion, your doctor will prescribe the dose that is suitable to be taken by you.

TOVIAZ can be taken with liquid and swallow the whole tablet. Make sure that you do not crush, chew or divide the tablet but take TOVIAZ exactly as what your doctor tells you. TOVIAZ can be taken either with or without food. If you forgot to take TOVIAZ during the day, take it again the next day. You cannot take more than a dose in the same day.

You’re strictly prohibited from taking this drug while driving, operating machine, doing other dangerous jobs or when you are feeling sleepy, dizzy and in discomfort until you aware how TOVIAZ affects you. Take note that TOVIAZ can cause possible side effects of drowsiness and blurred vision. While taking TOVIAZ, you are also not permitted to take other medications, herbs, traditional drugs, natural remedies, other prescriptions, or drink alcohol as it may make you feel very sleepy and dizzy. You will also experience the similar outcome when you take narcotic pain drugs, or anxiety medications together with TOVIAZ.

Do not take TOVIAZ if you have a vision problem called uncontrolled narrow-angle glaucoma.

Do not take TOVIAZ if you are allergic to any ingredient found in TOVIAZ or are allergic to the use of TOVIAZ, or if you experience allergic reactions after taking TOVIAZ.

Do not take TOVIAZ if you are having a medical condition called gastric retention, meaning that you have a slow or delayed emptying of your stomach.

Do not use TOVIAZ if you have a medical condition called urinary retention, meaning that you are unable to empty your bladder.

What are the Possible Side Effects of TOVIAZ?

The most common side effects of TOVIAZ include dry mouth and constipation. TOVIAZ may also cause less common side effects including trouble emptying the bladder and dry eyes as well. Tell your doctor about any of these symptoms you are experiencing right away!

Note: These are only some of the commonly seen side effects with TOVIAZ, so you should discuss further with your pharmacist, health provider or doctor in regards to all the possible side effects that you will have to experience after taking TOVIAZ. Also, tell your doctor if you have any side effects listed and not listed here or that symptom that hardly goes away two days or more, or TOVIAZ triggers any symptom that may threaten your health.

Final remarks:

Information contained herein is for educational purpose only and does not intend to substitute for any medical treatment, diagnosis or advice. In any medical symptoms or emergency or any acute situation arising from using TOVIAZ, you are advised to consult a registered and qualified doctor immediately for a further diagnosis and advice.

You are encouraged to report any side effects of prescription medications to the FDA by either calling 1-800-FDA-1088 or by visiting

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