Treating Bladder Cysts Effectively: Causes, Symptoms and Natural Treatment

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Bladder Cysts are associated with recurrent Urinary Tract Infections and other renal complications. Homeopathy and Natural therapies have found to be effective in the management of bladder cyst symptoms. This article attempts to provide insights into effe

The urinary bladder is a central complement of the urinary system. The bladder is a receptacle where urine is collected, before it is eliminated from the body. The bladder can hold approximately 600 - 800 ml of urine before it is voided. Rarely cysts may develop in the bladder, and this could consequently result in several complications, if not treated promptly.

A bladder cyst is a fluid filled lesion that is located along the internal lining of the bladder. Bladder cysts cause recurring urinary tract infections and if neglected may be fraught with complications.

What Causes Bladder Cysts?: Bladder Cyst Causes

The precise cause for the development of bladder cysts is not known. However, certain factors may trigger their formation:

  • Genetic disorders: is touted as an important cause, especially autosomal. People who have polycystic kidney disease tend to develop bladder cysts.
  • Hormonal imbalances are significant causes
  • Acid-base imbalance in the body is considered to be one of the primary factors
  • Raised blood pressure may result in bladder cysts.

Bladder Cyst Symptoms

Symptoms associated with bladder cysts depend on their lesion. Commonly seen clinical features are:

  • Frequent dribbling of urine
  • Increased frequency of urination
  • Incapability to empty the bladder
  • Pain while urinating is also seen
  • Occasionally, there may be discharge of blood
  • Weakness and fever.
  • Urine may be foul smelling.

Bladder Cyst Treatment: Natural Treatment for Bladder Cyst

The treatment regimen for bladder cysts largely depends on their size and the complications that are associated with the disorder. In cases of small cysts, drainage can be done under the direction of radiological imaging. However, drainage runs may result in recurrences. When you have large cysts, surgery becomes unavoidable. However, certain home remedies and homeopathic drugs can help manage the symptoms effectively:

  • Cranberries: cranberries are decidedly beneficial for the treatment of urinary tract infections. Make sure that you have cranberry juice 3 times daily; it effectively allays most symptoms associated with bladder cysts.
  • Homeopathy: homeopathy drugs effectively tackle cysts in the bladder and fight off infections too. Staphysagria is extremely beneficial and has proved to be useful time and again. it manages pain and heaviness, battles itching and burning in the urethra and helps resolve the cysts.
  • Fluids: drinking plenty of fluids everyday is the mainstay of the treatment regimen. Have lots of water, juices, clear soups, barley water, and coconut water.

Other Natural Remedies for Bladder Problems

There are more precautions that a woman can take to avoid bladder problems that include:

  • Hygiene: For women, it is important to stay clean and dry. It is also important that after going to the bathroom, that they wipe from front to back.
  • Clothing: It is very helpful if a woman wears loose fitting clothes, like pants and underwear. With the popular trend today to wear what is called Skinny jeans that can cause bladder problems, because they do not allow for a good air flow.
  • Avoid using spermicides: Using condoms that contain a spermicide can also cause problems. Using condoms that have a spermicide can increase the use of bladder infections and urinary tract infections.
  • Urinate often: With the above mention of drinking plenty of fluids, this of course increases urination. Do not hold it in; urinating often keeps bacteria from accumulating and growing. Also, it is important to urinate right after having intercourse.
  • Use Probiotics: Probiotics are very useful in keeping bad bacteria away, not only in the gut and digestive system, but also the urinary tract and bladder. Foods like miso are great as is a real yogurt like Greek yogurt from reputable companies like Fage. Make sure these yogurts do not contain a great deal of sugar, high fructose corn syrup or even fruit. Plain Greek yogurt is the best and you can add your own fruit if you want to. You can also buy a good quality probiotic supplement and take it each day.
  • D-Mannose: Studies have found that D-Mannose powder can prevent certain bacteria from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract. In a 2014 study by the World Journal of Urology found that women D-Mannose powder can prevent bacteria in the urinary tract.
  • Garlic: Having a clove of crushed fresh garlic has antifungal properties and is excellent to keep away bacteria from growing in the urinary tract.


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