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Tragus Piercing: How to Pierce Your Tragus

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Guide to tragus piercing

Body piercings, even tragus piercing, can be done in your home. Well and truly. You can even do it yourself! It adds to the excitement of it all, piercing yourself. Yes, it is possible, but you must know how to do it exactly. Treading on waters you are not familiar with is very dangerous, and the same thing can be said of body piercing, or tragus piercing, to be exact. If you are thinking of piercing one part of your body, you must know the guidelines to pierce that particular body part. You must also know the safety precautious in order to minimize the possibilities of acquiring an infection before, during and after the whole procedure. Tragus piercing is an easy thing to do, yes; it’s sort of a do-it-yourself, yet you must take into consideration the entire procedure and the guidelines. If you think this is too much for you to handle, then go seek a professional instead. Anyhow, this is how the entire process of piercing your tragus goes.

First, the technician trained with tragus piercings will ask you to lie down on the table. While doing this, try and observe your environment. Everything has to look clean and smell clean. If it is clean, then go through with the procedure. If it isn’t, go elsewhere. An unclean environment will only add to the factors of developing an infection and you certainly do not want that.

As you are lying down, the next thing that the technician will do is to position himself/herself at a comfortable distance from you (comfortable here means not too near, not too far). You must make sure that he/she is wearing gloves. This is to help lessen the transmission of microorganisms to the area.

The area to be pierced will then be disinfected. Then comes the exact piercing process. The technician pierces your tragus using a sterile needle, or in some cases, a gun. But the gun is not any more recommended, as it can damage the cartilage. If the technician still uses the old piercing guns, know that they are a no-no today. There are already new guns in the market for piercing, so always ask the technician what he is going to use.

The last thing after piercing is the insertion of the jewelry. In choosing the jewelry, always bear in mind to choose a bigger stud. This will help keep the piercing in shape.



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