Tracfone vs Republic Wireless vs TextNow: Cell Service Stores Compared

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Tracfone is the leading prepaid cellular service provider. Tracfones are available at over 90,000 retailers worldwide. Tracfone gives you the option of purchasing monthly plans or you can pay as you go. Tracfone is also one of the only prepaid providers



  • Some Tracfones offers double minutes.
  • Tracfones are sold at over 90,000 retailers throughout the country.
  • Tracfone offers free shipping on any order of $19.99 or more.
  • You can call internationally for the same rate.
  • Plans start at $9.99 a month.
  • Tracfone has rates starting as low as $7.
  • Tracfone offers a family value plan where you only pay $5.99 for each additional line.

Meet Tracfone

Established in 1996, Tracfone is one of the leading pre-paid cellphone services in the United States. Tracfone also operates Safe Link. Safe Link is offers a free cellphone and limited service for low income households. Tracfone plans start as low as $7 per month.

Tracfone gives you the option to purchase monthly plans or pay as you go. If you chose monthly plans the minutes expire within a month. Pay as You Go minutes can last as long as 365 days. Tracfone sells a large variety of different phones. You can choose from iPhones or even Androids.

Tracfone Service

If you have a Tracfone your service will very dependent on the area that you purchased it in. Tracfone's network is often just as dependable as a contract providers. Tracfone purchases their airtime from three different major cellphone providers: AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. The service your phone runs off of depends on the area that you purchased the phone in.

Tracfone Monthly Plans

Each Plan includes talk, text, web and e-mail

  • $9.99
    • 50 minutes included
    • 30 Service days
    • Nationwide Coverage
    • Carryover Minutes
  • $19.99
    • 125 minutes
    • 30 Service days
    • Nationwide Coverage
    • Carryover Minutes
  • $29.99
    • 200 minutes
    • 30 Service days
    • Nationwide Coverage
    • Carryover Minutes


Republic Wireless


Republic Wireless Features:

  • Republic Wireless has rates starting as low as $5.
  • You can use your phone internationally through Wi-Fi.
  • Republic Wireless is easy to set up. Once you purchase the phone, it comes in the box ready to go.
  • Republic Wireless phones transition between regular service and Wi-Fi without interruption.
  • Republic Wireless does not offer a large selection of phones.


Meet Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless is a progressive cell phone service powered by Bandwidth  that heavily utilizes free Wi-Fi when it is available. Due to this they can offer extremely low rates. Republic Wireless runs off of the Sprint Network. There is a number transfer tool as well as a service area checking tool that you can use to see how suitable this service is for you.

One thing that makes Republic Wireless different is its dependency on Wi-Fi. Republic Wireless utilizes free Wi-Fi whenever it is available. This dependence is what enables Republic Wireless to offer you rates extremely low in comparisson to other providers. There are currently a few options of phones on the Republic Wireless network.


Republic Wireless Plans

  • $5 Monthly
    • Unlimited Wi-Fi talk, text and data
  • $10 Monthly
    • Unlimited Wi-Fi, talk, text, and data
    • Unlimited cell talk, text, and data
  • $25 Monthly
    • Unlimited Wi-Fi  talk, text, and data
    • Unlimited 3G talk, text, and data
  • $40 Monthly
    • Unlimited Wi-Fi, talk, text, and data
    • Unlimited 4G talk, text, and data

Republic Wireless Service

If there is an open wireless network available your republic wireless phone will utilize it.  When the phone transitions between Wi-Fi and cellular service the transition is uninterrupted. The Wi-Fi feature is very beneficial in several ways. Whenever the phone is operating on a Wi-Fi network, it will have exceptional service. Even if you are out of range you will be able use your phone. You can even use your phone overseas. Republic Wireless operates on the Sprint Network.


Text Now

Meet Text Now

Text Now started out as an application which was made available on iPhones and iPads. It was an application that could be added to your device which allowed you to text for free. You can now purchase a prepaid service through Text Now for low rates starting at just $18.99. With these purchase plans comes features such as free incoming calls, free calls to other Text Now phones and free texting. You could purchase a phone from the Text Now website or just download their application.


Text Now Features

  • Text Now has plans starting $18.99
  • You can receive incoming calls for free.
  • Text Free allows you to call others on the Text Free network at no additional charge.
  • Text Now gives you unlimited texting from US to Canada for free.
  • You can use your number anywhere with a second phone line for free.
  • Text Now gives you a 30 day money back guarantee.

Text Now Plans

Tall $18.99

  • 500 MB of data
  • 750 roll-over minutes
  • Unlimited texting & incoming calls

Grande $26.99

  • 1 GB of data
  • 1250 roll-over minutes
  • Unlimited texting & incoming calls

Venti $39.99

  • 2 GB of data
  • 2000 roll-over minutes
  • Unlimited texting & incoming calls

A Quick Review of Tracfone, Republic Wireless and Text Now

All three services offer some of the lowest prepaid cell phone rates available. Each service offers unique features.

  • Tracfone is the one of the leading prepaid providers. Tracfone gives you the choice of a monthly plan or paying as you go. You can even add additional lines on a family plan.
  • Republic Wireless operates off open Wi-Fi networks they are t available. This is how they are able to offer extremely low rates. You can even use your phone and same number overseas as long as you can connect to WiFi.
  • Text Now can be downloaded as an app and so even when your phone is not available you can access this service through other devices. Text Now also offers free incoming calls and calls to other Text Now Phones.

When determining which service is best for you just look at how you use your device. If you primarily text then you should try Text Now. If Wi-Fi is always available then Republic Wireless is suitable for you. For those who need more than one line Tracfone is a great option.