Tornadoes in Dreams - Interpretations and Meanings

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Discover the interpretations and meanings of Tornado's that appear in dreams.

Similar to other storms that appear in dreams, Tornado's are ones surely to pay attention to because they have layered meanings to them that can reveal quite a bit when it comes to understanding their message.

Tornado's in dreams represent a combination of several elements and weather conditions. We see the Air Element, Water Element and even Earth Element. Occasionally we even see the Fire Element as it appears in the form of lightning.

The Air Element represents mental energies, or energies of the intellect. It can accentuate dreams, ideas, thoughts, intentions and innovation.

The Water Element that appears with Tornado's can come in the form of low lying clouds, full with rain yet to pour down, or even a light mist. Water represents emotion, matters of the heart and sometimes relationships.

The Earth Element that appears with Tornado's, such as when they touch down or are about to touch down, can represent a need to be grounded or be in "touch" with a situation or person.

The Fire Element that appears with Tornado's in forms such as lightning, reveals firy words or tempers. It shows even brainstorming or quick-as-lightning speed about something.

Considering that all four elements can and often do appear in a Tornado dream, we have to take into account the many underlying layers of what it represents to the dreamer. Depending on whether or not the dreamer is actively in the Tornado, or just watching from afar, we can learn more about what he or she is facing at that time. On rare occasion, the Tornado can represent actual events taking place in the world that could be social, political or even environmental. So depending on other factors, there's much to discover.

If the dreamer is being swept up into the Tornado, we learn that he or she is part of a quick forming situation that they have little to no control over which can cause confusion, chaos, and even destruction. For example, if a person is going through the challenges of recovery from addiction, they may find themselves in a Tornado of sorts, trying to figure out which way is up, which way is down, and a direction on how to recover from that storm.

Or let's say the Tornado is accompanied with many other weather conditions such as hail, rain, or flooding. This would reveal a strong emotional context so I would interpret it as the dreamer feeling a torrent of emotions but is being subjected to a whirlwind of thoughts that can lead to anxiety, depression and anger.

When a Tornado appears in a cloudless, sunny blue sky, it shows that even though the dreamer is dealing with heavy thoughts, the outlook is still sunny and positive. This shows quite a bit about the character of the dreamer. Despite challenges, the dreamer can overcome whatever obstacle is presented.

The scale of the Tornado reveals a lot as well about the gravity of the situation. If the Tornado is dark, almost black, and is tearing everything up in its path, I would interpret this as an unavoidable situation that could cause a lot of distress and even a sense of loss or depression. For example, being struck with news of a death or given news of the end of a relationship, this type of Tornado dream would make sense.

 Regardless of the size of the Tornado, to dream of one often indicates that the dreamer is going through a pretty challenging situation or is about to.

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