Top Five Best Virtual Pet for Android Apps on Google PLAY Store

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Ever wondered what are the top five best virtual pet for android apps that you can get from the Google PLAY Store? Wonder no more. That’s because in this article you will be getting not one but five best virtual pet apps for Android. If you’

Sure, there are lots of adorable virtual pets but not all of them have the qualities that can truly stand out from the rest. You may consider this list as your guide but the final choice will still be yours. After all, it is you who is going to be a pet owner.

Virtual Pet No.1 – Drago Pet

This Drago Pet app for Android is from A&A Games. What makes this app unique is the fact that this is the only application that gives you the opportunity to raise and train your very own dragon. Although it is a fact that such thing couldn’t really happen in the real world, it cannot be denied that this virtual pet app can ignite your inner dragon-raising skills as well as your imagination. So if you’re in the mood for a different kind of virtual pet game, might as well look for ‘Drago Pet’ at the Google PLAY Store.

Virtual Pet No.2 – Bird Land 2.0

If you think that you’ve had enough of Angry Birds, why not raise your own bird? Of course, it won’t be easy to raise one in the real world. That is why it would be best to have it on your Android tablet or phone. The Bird Land 2.0 virtual pet for Android app by Cute Mobile Games will take you to a huge virtual world that’s filled with birds. You can raise parrots, eagles, swans, cockatoos and a whole lot more.

Virtual Pet No.3 – Furdiburb *Beta

If Drago Pet would give you dragons, Furdiburb would give you a loveable pet alien who happens to be forgotten by his extra-terrestrial parents while having their sweet vacation on Earth. Now, it is your duty to raise the alien and let it grow as a responsible creature. You do need to be a bit patient because it could take weeks before you can see it evolve. Gameplay wise, Furdiburb by Sheado features a variety of pet-raising tasks like feeding, doing a lot of fun activities as well as cleaning the cute alien’s giant turbs.

Virtual Pet No.4 – Hatchi

Hatchi is pretty similar to Tamagotchi, a virtual pet game in keychains. The latter used to be very popular among kids and teenagers. That is why Hatchi will try to regain that popularity by bringing a modern version of Tamagotchi. You’ll get a virtual pet. You feed it, clean it and wait until the right time comes for it to evolve. Raise it well so that it won’t grow as a bad Hatchi.

Virtual Pet No.5 – Pets LIVE

Pets LIVE by Storm8 Games is a virtual pet application that’s filled with loveable mystical pets that can be compared to Monster Galaxy and Pokemon. Apparently, you will play the role of a pet trainer and you’ll start with at least one pet with a unique power. Raise your pet well so that it will become stronger. You can also test your pet’s fighting skills by allowing it to do a couple of quests and battles.

The above mentioned virtual pet apps can be played by all players. It doesn’t really matter if you’re a girl or a boy, a kid, a teen or a teen-wannabe. You can raise any of these adorable pets but be aware of your responsibilities.