Popular Women's Fashion Magazines

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Find out the top women's fashion magazines available on the market today. Discover what each magazine has to offer and which is best suited to your tastes.

With so many fashion magazines focusing on the female population, there's no surprise that it's so difficult to choose. That is probably why you end up buying a whole pile and never actually stay loyal to just one. Here you will discover popular fashion magazines and their individual features.


This magazine is an international best-seller in its category. This trendy and modern lifestyle magazine focuses on the women of today. If offers information and advice on a variety of topics important in a women’s life.

Target Audience - Studies have proven Cosmopolitan has a diverse reader base. Results show that 69% of readers are in the 18-34 range, and 30% in the 35-49 range. College Store Executives claim it to be the best-selling magazine in college book stores for over 25 years. Cosmopolitan has an average reader age of 30.

Circulation - This magazine offers 58 international editions. It is published in 34 different languages, and distributes to over 100 countries. Cosmopolitan magazine has a reader base of 15,789,000 people.

Main categories featured in Cosmopolitan are:

• Fashion and beauty

• Love and relationships

• Health and wellbeing

• Pop culture and entertainment


This global brand offers a magazine that women can come to for information and advice on fashion and beauty trends. This magazine offers its readers the mindset and means to experience and acquire luxury products.

Target Audience - Marie Claire targets the professional and socially connected reader. Research produces results revealing an average reader age of 37.

Circulation – Marie Claire magazine offers 35 international editions with a reader base of 15 million.

Main categories featured in Marie Claire are:

• Fashion

• Hair and beauty

• Health and fitness

• Lifestyle and celebrity

• Career and money

• Love and relationships


This down to earth fashion magazine brings the latest style and trends to its readers. Featured fashion, information, and advice easily translate to real life women around the world. Glamour magazine is fun and intelligent without coming across snobby and pretentious.

Target Audience – Research results shows Glamour magazine has an average reader age of 35.

Circulation – Glamour magazine has a reader base of 12,373,000 people.

Main categories featured in Glamour are:

• Fashion

• Beauty

• Love and life

• Weddings

• Health and fitness + body by glamour


This celebrity style magazine provides an insight into the world of Hollywood glamour and trends. Its mission is to share these experiences with its readers, with the aim to inspire and guide them.

Target Audience - InStyle magazine reader base is distributed rather evenly amongst different age groups. Studies show 24% within 18-24 range, 26% within 25-34 range, 37% within 35-54 range, and 21% are 50+. InStyle has an average reader age of 35.

Circulation – InStyle magazine has a reader base of 10,329,000 people.

Main categories featured in InStyle are:

• Celebrity

• Fashion

• Beauty

• Shopping

• Hollywood Makeover

• Designer central


This runway fashion magazine prides itself on sophistication and style. Bringing to you latest trends and designer brands gracing the most prestigious catwalks today.

Target Audience – Elle magazine is very popular among women of all ages. Research reveals that 55.2% of readers are within 18-34 range, and 45.8% within 25-49 range. This magazine has an average reader age of 32.

Circulation – Elle magazine offers 42 editions international editions and distributes to over 60 countries. This magazine is a brand leader with an extensive and loyal reader base of 5,168,000 readers.

Main categories featured in Elle are:

• Runway

• Fashion

• Hair and beauty

• Pop culture

• Life and love

Each magazine offers something unique with a slightly different audience base. Now you have the information to guide you to the best magazine to settle down with.


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