Top 5 Things To Do in Monaco

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Monaco is one of the world's smallest countries. This tiny country has been the featured in many movies and has become associated with extravagant wealth and success. Monte-Carlo, the capital of Monaco, is one of the most wealthy and beautiful cities in

Monaco is a must-see destination on any travelers list.  The tiny principality located along the Southern portion of France has been featured in movies and news headlines for years.  Year after year tourists flock to the country to get a little taste of what it is like to live like royalty.  Many visitors to the city are day trippers from nearby Nice.  Furthermore, Monte-Carlo is often a stop along the train from Barcelona through Southern France en route to the Italian Riviera.  Given the high cost of hotels in Monte-Carlo or the abbreviated length of a train stopover, tourists may only have one or two days to explore and experience the city.   This article gives the top 5 things to see, do and experience for those travelers who have little time to spend in Monte-Carlo.

1. Gamble at the Casino

The Monte-Carlo casino is likely the most famous casino in the world.  From its lavish interior to its use as a setting for a James Bond movie, the casino is a must-see for anyone traveling to Monte-Carlo.  There is a small fee for entering, and semi-formal attire is required.  Wearing shorts, sandels, or sneakers is not recommended.   Be sure to rub the horse’s knee on the statue of Louis XIV inside the lobby of the casino.

2. Test Drive a Super Car on Monte-Carlo’s Streets

Monte-Carlo is also famous for its Formula 1 auto race which takes place on the winding city streets.  Many vendors allow you to rent and test-drive Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Porsches on those very same roads which make up the F1 track.  You will feel a rush of pure adrenaline as you take to the hairpin turns in your very own super car.

3. Visit the Prince’s Royal Palace

Visit the palace where one of the most famous royal families resides.  Be sure to check out the changing of the royal guard.  Also, don’t miss the stunning panoramic views of Monte-Carlo from the Place du Palais near the front entrance to the palace. 

4. Visit the Oceanographic Museum

Visit the museum that was curated by Jacques Cousteau, the most oceanographer of all time.  After visiting the museum, be sure to check out the adjacent gardens with breathtaking flora and fauna.

5. Drive up to La Turbie

Finally, on your way into or out of Monte-Carlo, check out the hilltop perched village of La Turbie, which is actually located in France.  Cliffs near the village offer spectacular birds-eye views of Monaco.  From above the clouds you will be able to literally see every single square foot of the 0.76 square mile country.