Top 5 Testosterone Enhancing Supplements That Can Improve the Sex Life of Men over the Age of 25

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Testosterone is an important hormone that is found in men and women. In men, testosterone regulates bone density, muscle mass, red blood cell production, sperm production, fat distribution and sex drive. It is produced in the testes and is what is responsible for stimulating an increase in the growth of pubic and chest hair and sexual appetites as well as the deepening of the voice during and after puberty.

After the age of 25 testosterone production decreases about 1% a year. Over time this reduction has a real and marked effect on men and their sex lives. Reduced testosterone levels have been shown to lower libido, decrease muscle mass, increase fat production, lead to enlarged prostate, contribute to heart disease, decrease bone density, effect memory and mental acuity as well as lead to depression among many other things.

Replenishing testosterone levels in men who have experienced these issues can dramatically improve and in some cases reverse the damages caused by its decline. In many cases doctors will prescribe testosterone to combat these ailments. Yes - you can be prescribed pure testosterone by a doctor but through managed regimen of supplements men can naturally stimulate their bodies to produce more testosterone. In short, by taking some supplements a mans natural testosterone production can return to pre-decline levels and restore his old worn out libido to heights not experienced since he was 25 years old. Moreover, this same man can expect to perform better too. Of course if a man were to be prescribed testosterone he could expect similar results but just as long as he continued the treatment.

We know that testosterone production and thereby testosterone levels can be increased to pre-decline levels by taking a regimen of certain testosterone enhancing supplements. But is this safe?

Scientists aren't entirely sure yet. Scientists have been studying the long and short term effects of increasing testosterone levels in men in decline for several years. Some scientist posit that the increased levels of red blood cells that are one of the outcomes of increased testosterone can thicken the blood and therefore increase risk of heart attack or stroke though this has not been proven. On the other side of the issue several recent studies presented at The Endocrine Soceitys annual meeting in San Francisco suggested it was more than just safe. Read this quote from a recent article in Health Daily News

One study showed that testosterone treatment significantly reduced abdominal fat, totalcholesterol LDL ("bad") cholesterol, triglycerides and body mass index (a measure of body fat). It also helped raise HDL ("good") cholesterol. Researchers in a second study found that men older than 63 benefited as much as younger men. The same article went on to say, A third study added to previous evidence that low testosterone increases one's chance of early death from any cause in the long run.

Like many health issues these days the official jury is still out. Take a look at these testosterone therapy pros and cons to determine where you stand on the issue:


  • May improve muscle mass and strength
  • May increase bone mineral density
  • May thicken body hair
  • May improve sexual desire
  • May boost energy
  • May decrease irritability and depression
  • May improve cognitive function


  • Could cause water retention
  • Could lead to some hair loss
  • Could aggravate sleep apnea
  • Could lead to increased breast tissue
  • Could cause testicle to shrink
  • Could stimulate excess blood production
  • Could cause acne

More studies need to be done but what remains is the mounting positive evidences that increasing testosterone levels in men who have suffered a decline (over 25? That means you!) have experienced real benefits - specifically in the area of their sex drives and performance.

The following is a list of supplements men should be taking if they're interested in increasing their testosterone levels in order to improve their sex lives. It is unnecessary to take all these supplements simultaneously though you are free to do so if you are so inclined, you can afford it and like all supplements you have sought and received the advice of your doctor:

1) ZMA - ZMA is an abbreviation for Zinc monomethionine aspirate. In an eight week study ZMA was shown to increase bioavailable testosterone by 30% in participant.

2) Tribulus Terrestis Extract - Supplements containing this plant extract have been shown to increase available testosterone and increase sex drive in men.

3) Avena Sativa - Supplements containing the extract of Avena Sativa or Wild Oat have been shown to increase free testosterone in men. Free testosterone is the type of testosterone most easily used by the body.

4) Anti-Estrogens - Natural anti-estrogens can increase bioavailable testosterone in some cases up to 400% in less than a month. They also can be effective in combating excess estrogen production, the hormone primarily responsible for water retention, and excess body fat.

5) Testosterone Boosters - Many supplement companies make their own brand of Testosterone Booster under various trade and brand names. In most cases they contain a cocktail of elements that have been shown to increase bioavailable testosterone. Choose one that is right for you and your budget.

Science is showing us that we no longer have to accept the decline of our sexual appeties and performance as an inevitable and unavoidable consequence of old age. Now we can take control of our own bodies and sexual health with a little help from the top 5 supplements to boost testosterone levels mentioned above.


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