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Top 5 Myths About Colon Cleansers

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Some colon cleansers cost more than $100 a box and the fact is, you probably don't even need one.  Here are 5 colon cleansing myths and the facts you need to cut through the nonsense and make an informed choice.

Myth #5:  Your doctor won't approve of colon cleansing because doctors can't make any money selling herbs.

The truth of the matter is that there are already perfectly acceptable, FDA-approved colon cleansers on the market and your doctor could most certainly make money by writing you a prescription for one.  But your doctor won't routinely write you a prescription for one because he knows that routine "cleansing" of the colon is medically unnecessary and even potentially harmful.

Myth #4:  Cleansing your colon will help you digest food better and faster.

The truth is, nearly all digestion takes place in the small intestine--not the colon.  Your small intestine is lined with highly-specialized projections called villi.  Your colon has no villi because its main job isn't digestion.  Your colon's main job is to reclaim water.

Myth #3:   You should drink lots of water during a cleanse because that's how you remove toxins.

Drinking water while taking a colon cleanser is important but not for the reason most people claim.  The fact is, colon cleansers are typically very high in fiber and fiber tends to "dry out" your colon.  This means that you lose a lot more water during a cleanse than you do on a normal diet.  If you don't drink enough water to replace the water you're losing during bowel movements, you could find yourself passing very hard, dry stools.  You could even become dehydrated.

Myth #2:   Food rots in your colon and rotting food is the root cause of all diseases.

15% of all Americans can be medically classified as "chronically constipated".  If a slow, sluggish digestive system was really the root cause of all diseases, those people should have higher rates of all diseases.  The truth is, they don't.  While fiber may indeed speed up the digestive system, recent studies have not linked a high-fiber diet to reduced rates of diseases like cancer.

Myth #1:  Colon cleansing removes all that stuck-on "stuff" that's stuck to your colon like spackle on a plaster wall.

Of the top 5 myths about colon cleansing, this one should make you the maddest because it's not only untrue; it is intentionally used by scam artists to shock and scare you into buying something.  The fact is, your colon is coated with a heavy layer of mucus.  There's no way anything could "stick" to it because anything passing through the colon would have to penetrate this mucous layer first.  If something could get actually get stuck to your colon wall, it couldn't possibly stay stuck because the cells that line your colon slough off every several hours.  Anything "stuck" would simply slough off right along with those cells.


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