Top 5 Most Famous People from Baltimore, Maryland

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Baltimore, Maryland has an interesting history. Baltimore has produced many famous artists and politicians which make the top 5 famous people from Baltimore, Maryland.

Baltimore, founded in 1729, is the largest city in the State of Maryland. Baltimore, once a major seaport, continues to be a thriving city, with a diverse community. Today, visitors can continue to walk down cobblestone streets, and sidewalks constructed from bricks. Today, Baltimore is often recognized as being the home of the infamous John Hopkins Hospitals. Others equate Baltimore with eateries that serve not only fresh, but that delicious Maryland seafood, especially crabs. Along with its long history, Baltimore has been home to many famous people. Being a city of diverse culture and entertainment, the top 5 most famous people from Baltimore, Maryland are just as diverse as the city itself.


Today, with out economy in trouble, as well as the feelings towards our elected officials, it seems as though not much has changed. Most of us remember the problems that President Bill Clinton had with Monica Lewinsky scandal. However, one of the most famous people from Baltimore, Maryland was involved in more than one scandal, one which involved President Richard M. Nixon. Called “The Point Man” Spiro T. Agnew, Vice President to Richard M. Nixon, was forced to resign during the days of the infamous “Watergate Scandal.”

Baltimore Burlesque 

There are many famous attractions in Baltimore. One of the oldest and most well-known areas is called “The Block.” The block is an area that was made famous famous for various clubs which include strip clubs and the old burlesque shows in the 50's by the famous burlesque queen “Blaze Star.” Baltimore has produced many talented artists from various artistic venues.

Famous Musical Artists

  • Eubie Blake (1883-1983) is among the top 5 famous people from Baltimore, Maryland. Eubie Blake was a talented pianist, known for ragtime and jazz. He was also a composer with his first piece “The Sounds of Africa” which is more popularly known as “Charleston Rag.”
  • There are those who may remember the movie “Lady Sings The Blues” and “Mahogany” which starred singer Diana Ross (Diana Ross and The Supremes.) Billie Holiday jazz-blues singer, who was born in Baltimore during the 20's. She was an apprentice of other famous musicians such as Louis Armstrong.
  • Frank Zappa who may be most remembered for his music during the psychedelic era, as a guitarist. But like, many musicians Frank Zappa had an interest in music since childhood, which did not include a guitar or rock music. Surprising to many, he had an interest in classical music.

    Among the many famous people from Baltimore, Maryland, we should not forget our famous sports figures such as “Babe Ruth.” Babe Ruth was among the first to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Babe Ruth played his final, major league, game for the Boston Braves on May 30, 1935.

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