Top 25 Sexting Abbreviations, Text Terms for Sex

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Top sexting abbreviations for texting. Check out sex texting acronyms.

What are the top 25 sexting abbreviations for cell phone and email communication? Just about everything has short hand terms, abbreviations, or symbols. Sexting has become a huge part of pop culture, an interesting dimension in the advanced technological age that exists now. People can talk in code somewhat and maintain a degree of discreet interaction.

Sadly, teenagers are engaging more in sexting, leaving their parents confused on what text messages mean when they see unique abbreviations or short hand terms. In some instances the communication is alarming and adults want to know what their kids are up to. This list of sexting terms will list at least one or a few of those burning questions.

As for everyone else, sexting is a simple form of letting a loved one know how much they desire them!

Ready to learn what some of the top sexting terms are for texting? Check them out below!

Top 25 Sexting Terms

  1. 53X = sex
  2. 8 = oral sex
  3. BJ = blow job
  4. BOB = battery operated boyfriend
  5. CBJ = covered blow job
  6. DURS = damn you are sexy
  7. FB = f*** buddy
  8. FMH = f*** me harder
  9. FWB = friends with benefits
  10. ITS = intense text sex
  11. IWS = I want sex
  12. IWSN = I want sex now
  13. J/O = jerking off
  14. l43 = I love you
  15.  LF = let’s f***
  16. LH6 = let’s have sex
  17. LHU = let’s hook up
  18. NFS =need for sex
  19. PRON = porn
  20. RUH = are you horny?
  21. SOT =  sex on text
  22. TDTM = talk dirty to me
  23. WYFM = will you f*** me?
  24. XTC = ecstacy
  25. YWS = you want sex

For more sex text terms, click HERE. The sexting terms above are included in the more elaborate list. The list is actually endless and depends on the context of a conversation or a relationship is. Happily married couples continue to flirt with one another in a sexual way over the years as well as those in the early stages of dating. Friends with benefits enjoy not only the satisfaction of sex itself, but the wordy innuendos when they can't be together. 

Sexting is another form of relating to others in either a purely sexual manner or romantic way. Some texting terms are bold, blunt, and downright crude in some instances. Whether you just want to learn what the various abbreviations stand for or are curious what so many short hand terms refer to on a cell phone or in email, it's a good idea to "decode" the acronyms.


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