Top 10 Things To Do In Austell, GA

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Things to do in Austell. It's a small town, but there's always something to do!

With its unusual shape, Austell, GA covers a lot of area. Although the city limits are only about four square miles, the out of limits are probably close to twenty square miles. Austell reaches from interstate 20 on the west side of Atlanta, and spreading northward, eastward and westward like a tree begging for sun. Austell neighbors Lithia Springs, Mableton, Powder Springs, Smyrna, and Marietta. Austell is the best of both worlds with plenty of nice homeplaces, but it also has a wide variety of business. You won't find loud clubs in Austell like you would in Atlanta or some other cities in Georgia. However, there are a few places to go if you enjoy music. What Austell has more of than just about anywhere is: trains. There are so many trains, the city seal is of the US flag on one side, the Georgia flag on the other side, and right between the two is a train. Austell is a port city for trains. Those who live in the old downtown area are so accustomed to hearing trains that the noise doesn't disturb them. When it is quiet is when they begin to worry. The trains only stop running on Christmas day.

So, what could there be to do in such a place as Austell? With festivals and a tightnit community such as this, you can always find something to occupy your time. Everyone knows what is going on in their part of town, and it doesn't take long before everyone knows all over town. Before the flood in 2009, there were more businesses and homes. However, the flood did not take away any of the attractions or things to do. Let's start the countdown!

  1. Six Flags over Georgia - rides, games, food, concerts, and special events
  2. Fat Cats - pool, food and drink, with special events
  3. Concert in The Park - hosted by the city, this is usually held in September, but will be May 15 this year (2010) and has live music and local vendors selling food, non-alcoholic drinks, and other goods.
  4. See the Christmas lights in downtown - from Thanksgiving through New Year's
  5. Go antiquing!
  6. People watch
  7. Eat a biscuit at Martin's
  8. See the trains
  9. Visit the hospital
  10. Take a free class at one of the churches around that offer classes - everything from aerobics to Weight Watchers.

Photo taken Myra Baucum in March of 2010.This is a photo of the sky looking east.