Top 10 Most Important Historical Facts About Los Angeles, California

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Ever since Los Angeles was established in 1781, it had gone through a series of political, economic and social activities that constitute the most interesting history of Los Angeles.However considering the numerous facts involved it is quite tough to pick

Ever since Los Angeles was established in the year 1781 by the Spanish settlers, the city had gone through spectacular social, political and economic events involving numerous facts. It is really a tough task to choose the top ten most important historical facts about Los Angeles whose history spans over a period of two hundred years. However, the history of Los Angeles on the basis of chronology can be divided into the following large divisions:

  • Early Spanish settlement and the establishment of the city of Los Angeles
  • Under the rule of Mexico
  • Under the US rule
  • Los Angeles growth into a modern city

However, the following facts constitute the top ten most important historical facts in the history of Los Angeles, California.

i) Founding the city of Los Angeles (1781):

After establishing the Spanish settlement and the Spanish mission in the state of California, the Spanish Governor Felipo de Novo wanted to set up a city along the river Los Angels to station her garrison to counter the movements of other European countries such as Russia and England. On September, 4, 1781, a new pueblo or the town of the queen of angels was established along the river Los Angeles by settling a few soldiers, priests and Indians. Thus the city of Los Angeles was established in 1781.

ii) California became a part of Mexico and Los Angels its capital (1822):

California, the new Spanish settlement in North America known as New Spain became independent in the year 1821.However, the entire California came under the control of Mexico and became part of her territory in the year 1822.Thus California remained under the rule and control of Mexico up to 1848. Los Angeles was made the capital of California by the Mexican governor.

iii) California including Los Angeles was ceded to US by Mexico (1848):

When US launched a war with Mexico in the year 1845, US became victorious. The war came to an end with a treaty called Guadalupe Hidalgo between US and Mexico and as per the terms of the treaty Mexico ceded California including Los Angeles to US. Thus Los Angeles became a part of US territory.

Oil in Los Angeles, 1895-1901 / Wikimedia public domain

iv) Discovery of Oil in Los Angeles, California (1892):

In 1892, when oil deposits in the downtown of Los Angeles were accidentally discovered it led to the rapid drilling and proliferation of oil wells. By 1923, US became the largest producer of oil in the world. The discovery of oil in Los Angels marked an important event in the economic history of Los Angeles, California.

v) Hollywood was annexed with Los Angeles (1910):

When the growing Los Angeles population was facing water problem, Hollywood, being a source of Owens River was annexed with Los Angeles. Besides, Hollywood being a center of more than 80 production companies also provided a fillip to her economic activities.

vi) Los Angeles was incorporated into a Municipality (1950):

When the population of Los Angels and its economic activities significantly increased, so as to streamline its administration, Los Angeles was converted into a Municipality. Within a few months of Los Angeles' incorporation into a municipality, California turned into a state of US.

vii) Los Angels was one of the birthplaces of Internet ARPANET (1969):

In the year 1969, Los Angels was one of the first places of introducing internet, since the first ARPANET signal was sent from Los Angeles, California to SRI in Menlo Park.

viii) Summer Olympics in Los Angels (1932 and 1984):

As a standing testimony of her growing stature, as early as 1932, Los Angeles served as the venue for the summer Olympics organized by the IOC. Again in the year 1984, Los Angeles became the venue for the summer Olympics. It was very successful despite the boycott made by the communist countries.


ix) Devastating earthquake (1994):

California is seismically vulnerable state. In the year 1994, the city of Los Angeles suffered an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.7 Richter scale that sent shockwaves throughout US. Besides, due to the said earthquake, California suffered a heavy damage estimated at $12.5 billion and as many as 72 people were died.

x) Voters of Los Angels foiled the attempts of secession made by Hollywood (2002):

   It was in the year 1910, the people of Los Angeles voted in favor of annexing Hollywood with Los Angels. In 2002, when Hollywood and San Fernando tried to secede from the state, again the people of Los Angeles intervened and defeated their motion by voting against it.

Thus the top ten most historical facts of Los Angeles are significant and spectacular.


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