Top 10 Most Destructive Typhoons in the Philippines

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Typhoons that bring heavy torrential rains will surely be devastating. Typhoons associated with strong winds will for sure give much more damages. Typhoons with heavy rains combined with strong winds will mean — ?super typhoon? and will cost a

Typhoons that bring heavy torrential rains will surely be devastating. Typhoons associated with strong winds will for sure give much more damages. Typhoons with heavy rains combined with strong winds will mean – “super typhoon” and will cost a lot more.

Devastations brought by typhoons can be reduced or minimized provided the people and the government coordinates properly and the media are accurate in broadcasting. Historically, it has been proven that un-readiness and un-preparedness had resulted to heavy loss and damages.

The best way to prepare is to of course listen to all weather service warnings and take precautions early. Too many times, it seems as if the typhoon is not going to be very bad, and right before landfall, the storm can intensify rapidly, catching people off guard.

Here are the 10 costliest or most destructive typhoons in Philippine history. This ranking is based on the total amount of damages to properties, crops, infrastructures and many others.

1.) Pepeng – P27.3 billion pesos

Typhoon Pepeng, with an international codename Parma, is so far the costliest Philippine typhoon in history. It devastated the country for 8 days from October 2 to 10, 2009. The estimated amount of damages brought by the typhoon is P27.3 billion pesos or US$608 million. Taiwan, China and Vietnam were also affected by the typhoon.

2.) Pedring – P15 billion pesos

Typhoon Pedring is the second most destructive typhoon to ever land in the Philippine area of responsibility. Its international codename is Nesat. It landed on the Philippine soil on September 26, 2011 and leaved 2 days later leaving a total damaged of P15 billion pesos or US$ 333 million.

3.) Frank – P13.5 billion pesos

Typhoon Frank, which is one of the deadliest typhoons in Philippine history, is the 3rd costliest Philippine typhoon. It is known internationally as Fengshen. The typhoon devastated the archipelago from June 20 to 23, 2008 with an estimated total damages amounting to P13.5 billion pesos which is equivalent to US$301 million.

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4,) Ondoy – P11 billion pesos

Typhoon Ondoy, with an international codename Ketsana, is the most destructive typhoon to hit Manila and the 4th costliest typhoon to hit the country. It brought heavy rains from September 25 to 27, 2009 causing floods in Metro Manila.  The total amount of damages brought by Ondoy is P11 billion pesos or US$244 million.

5.) Ruping – P10.8 billion pesos

Typhoon Ruping is the 5th costliest typhoon to land fall in Philippine soil. It devastated the country from November 10 to 14, 1990.  This typhoon with an international codename Mike leaved the Philippine area of responsibility with a total damages amounting to P10.8 billion pesos which is equivalent to US$241 million.

6.) Rosing - P10.8 billion pesos

  • International codename: Angela
  • Date of Impact: October 30 - November 4, 1995
  • Damages in Peso: P10.8 billion pesos
  • Damages in US$: 241 million

7.) Kadiang - P8.75 billion pesos

  • International codename: Flo
  • Date of Impact: October 2 - October 6
  • Damages in Peso: P8.75 billion pesos
  • Damages in US$: 195 million

8.) Juan – P8.32 billion pesos

  • International codename: Megi
  • Date of Impact: October 18 - October 21, 2010
  • Damages in Peso: P8.32 billion pesos
  • Damages in US$: 193 million

9.) Unding, Violeta, Winnie – P7.45 billion pesos

  • International codename: Muifa, Merbok, Winnie
  • Date of Impact: November 14–30, 2004
  • Damages in Peso: P7.45 billion pesos
  • Damages in US$: 166 million

10.) Loleng – P6.79 billion pesos

  • International codename: Babs
  • Date of Impact: October 20 - 23 1998
  • Damages in Peso: P6.79 billion
  • Damages in US$: 151 million

There is a difference when classifying the most destructive typhoon and the deadliest typhoons. Many times when making a list like this, the most destructive will not automatically be on the list of the deadliest typhoons. The most destructive typhoons are always classified by the peso or dollar amount of damage to the Philippines.