Toluna vs Swagbucks vs MySurvey vs Dealspotr: Rewards Programs Compared and Reviewed

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Toluna has a reputation for getting your rewards to you even quicker than their promised 8 day time period. Swagbucks has interesting options for earning such as watching fun videos. MySurvey is focused on not just surveys, but also longer from options li

Cards programs and rewards programs are abundant on the Internet these days. You can save and even earn extra money through a number of different rewards deals available online. These programs are diverse, and include surveys, clicking through ads, and other tasks and caveats. Here’s a comparison between many of the major rewards options available.


Toluna takes some of the hassle out of signing up by letting you do a sign in through Facebook. It’s worth noting that you should always make sure this is a secure connection, however.


  • Earn Through Personalized Surveys-Toluna allows you to build up rewards by doing surveys based on what interests you anyway. This includes gifts and cash.
  • Free Test Products-It’s also possible to sign up for testing products through the site as well. You get the product to keep for free as long as you answer questions about it.
  • Assortment of Gift Cards-You can also get gift cards for Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes, Tango and others.


Swagbucks been featured in publications like The Penny Hoarder and Buzzfeed. You can earn points by watching videos and searching stuff on the web, as well as through surveys. The point system on the site is called “Swagbucks” each one is worth about one penny.


  • Earn by Watching Videos-An even more passive way to make money then taking surveys, you can get extra points and rewards by just watching videos referred to you through the site.
  • Rewards Through Web Browsing-Searching for things online is what you probably do a lot anyway, so Swagbucks seeks to let you monetize this.
  • 7000 Free Gift Cards Given Out to Consumers Daily-You can tell that the site does a lot of business because they give out thousands of gift cards on a daily basis.



MySurvey gave out over $32 million in 2014. The site has a lot of unique options such as their daily diary program or the ability to donate earnings to charity directly.


  • Earn Through Diaries-In addition to surveys, you can fill out daily ‘diaries’ to earn points. These can sometimes be for entire families. These diaries can be worth a lot of points, but apparently, some people have issues with diary points being honored.
  • Polls on Surveys-There are some polls that come out where you can vote for what surveys and products they should release next.
  • Donate to Charities-One option you have for rewards is donating the earned money to charity instead of sending it to yourself or a friend or family member.



Dealspotr is a coupon and deals site more so than one where you earn points. You can build a “personal feed” for possible rewards such as money off or free stuff. It’s essentially a real-time sharing site for coupon codes.


  • Build Feed-If you click the green button at the bottom of the space “above the fold” on the main site, you can create a watch list for the products and brands you care about.
  • 54% More Coupons Than Any Other Site-You can find coupons for just about anything on this site. The focus is on codes specifically, so it’s a good site to check if you want to get some rewards for particular brands.
  • Rewards for Sharing-You can get reward points for sharing deals with others on the site. There are 30,000 other people curating the coupon codes to make sure they are up to date.

Head to Head

Reward Quality

Toluna allows you to earn not just cash, but also other prizes and test products. You have to get $5 worth of points before taking out, however. You need 30,000 points to get $10 gift cards.

Swagbucks gets around 3.4 stars from consumer reviews on sites like SurveyPolice. This is as opposed to only a bit over 2 stars with over 300 reviews for Toluna. People report better reward trade in rates for points than Toluna, though it does take longer.

MySurvey gets 1.5 stars on SurveyPolice from over 400 reviewers. Their minimum request rate is $10, which is 1200 points. Some people also have issues with there not being enough surveys on the site.

Dealspotr gives you points for both posting and validating coupon codes. You also earn bonus points for finding codes for requested brands.The site gets a bit of a low BBB rating. People do report getting $10 to $50 per month fairly regularly, however.

Overall, sites like SwagBucks appear to have the lowest minimum for getting out money.


There are many different ways to score points on Toluna, including surveys for webcams, product testing, and sweepstakes you can enter through points. There’s also a refer a friend program. Reviews indicate that you get paid fast after earning points, even though the rate for points is a little on the low side.

Swagbucks has frequent sales where you can earn gift cards for 10% less than what they cost normally. The payment process takes 10-14 days on the site, whereas this is listed at 8 days from Toluna, and people report it coming in on that site sometimes as quickly as just a few days. You can earn up to $250 a time through PayPal or through e-gift card sites. The referral program on the site is also good because it lets you earn 10% of whatever your referrals earn.

MySurvey has more trouble with support and customer service features than some of the other sites. They have many interesting features such as their daily diary option for earning a large number of points, but some have reported issues with this working out.

Dealspotr is a newer company, and they get some rough reviews online. Overall, consumers seem to like them since they have a 6.5 from users at BestCompany. The company only lets you earn mostly through posting deals or through curating deals to make sure they still work, so there’s less variety than you get from other sites. Most of the others let you earn multiple ways including surveys, videos, and browsing.