Tips To Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

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Quitting any addiction is not easy. Whether it is an addiction to a drug, or to an activity, or anything for that matter. Tobacco, especially smoking, is considered hard to quit. Nicotine replacement therapy and hypnotism may be used to help kick the habi

Quitting smoking is generally considered to be hard to overcome. Some say that tobacco smoking is as hard to give up as heroin. Mostly because of nicotine being a body drug, i.e. it creates a physical dependency. But also the action of smoking is something to get over in quitting.

If you are quitting cold turkey, here are some ways to help you out;


This is a great aid to quitting cigarettes. As nicotine slowly leaves your body, the withdrawals will make you twitchy, especially in the first week. That’s because nicotine blocks nerve endings. The nerves used for movement are put in a coma from nicotine, so to speak. As the withdrawals kick in, you will have an abundance of energy. Thus, you become twitchy, even intolerably fidgety.

Exercise provides the means to release the unease of this feeling. Also, increased breathing allows the lungs to inhale more oxygen to replace the exhaling chemicals from smoking. As your pulse rate increases, the new higher level of oxygen also flows in the blood.

Side note; like any other drug, nicotine is excreted. So, sweat resulting from exercise will push nicotine out quicker. Thus, withdrawals will not last for as long as without exercise.

Drink Water

Sounds strange, I know. But nicotine and other chemicals from tobacco smoke thicken the blood. This makes the blood slower, and feeling more clogged up. Quitting may make your veins feel “dirty” as the chemicals loosen up. Drinking a bit more water than usual will loosen up the blood, allowing to flow the chemicals out. Also, water can wash out the taste of smoke in your mouth. This leads me to;

Brush Your Teeth and Scrape Your Tongue

You don’t have to go to the dentist for this. It’s well-known that smoking makes your breath stink and affects your taste. Brush your teeth as regularly as needed, and not only will the stench go, but the yellow tint on your teeth will subside.

Yes, I also put “scrape your tongue”. Ever noticed that carpet like gunk on your tongue? That’s a collection of dirt and germs. Nicotine gets trapped there, and can leave a metallic taste soon after quitting. Not a pleasant taste, I must say. You can either buy a dentists-approved tongue scrapper, or use the edge of a spoon. The first scrape will not be pretty at all. Yet, once finished, you can notice the effects. Your tongue will not be so dirt-ridden, and your sense of taste will be improved.

Chewing Gum and Tooth Picks

It is said that in going cold turkey, you may need to keep your mouth busy. Some eat a lot, but this leads to weight gain, which you may not want. Chewing gum is great both with keeping your mouth busy and freshening your breath.

Tooth picks are great as an alternative to cigarettes, as something between your lips. If necessary, chew on the end of it.