Tips on Cleaning Your Bbq Grill and Keeping It Clean

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Tricks for getting your BBQ Grill Clean Tricks for keeping your BBQ Grill Clean

Cleaning the BBQ grill and keeping it clean can sometimes be a real task. With these tips you will learn to keep your BBQ clean, and how to clean it even when it is at its worst.

Baking Soda Cleaning Method

Make a paste with baking soda and water and apply it to your grill racks with a wire brush. Wipe clean and dry with a clean cloth.

For Stubborn Caked On Food and Grime

For really stubborn baked on grease on your grill racks place the grill racks in a good quality black plastic garbage bag. Then add one cup of ammonia and 1 cup of powdered dish washing detergent preferably Cascade or one with similar ingredients. Then add 2 gallons of hot water. Seal the bag tightly with a twisty tie. Making sure all of the solution is at the bottom of the bag lay the bag down so the rack is soaking in the liquid. Be sure to elevate the top of the bag a big so the solution does not spill out. Allow the racks to sit in the bag for about an hour. Then carefully remove the racks (you may want to wear rubber gloves and clothes you don’t care about), then spray the racks down with the hose until they are thoroughly clean. Wipe down with a clean towel when finished.

Discard the solution by pouring it on to a concrete patio or driveway, and then spray with a hose. Pouring it in the grass could kill the grass. Keep pets and children away from the bag while the racks are soaking.

Try Oven Cleaner

Easy off or other Oven Cleaner: You can try oven cleaner on the racks. Allow it to sit on the racks for about an hour and then wipe off like you would if you were cleaning an oven. If the grease is still on there and is being stubborn then spray the racks with the oven cleaner again and then place the racks in a good quality black plastic garbage bag over night Be sure to tie to up and seal the bag as tightly as possible. The next day scrub with an SOS pad or a wire brush and then rinse off with the hose.


In most cases WD-40 will remove grill debris. Remove the racks from the grill and spray them with the WD-40. Allow it to sit on the racks for about 5 minutes, then wipe off with a clean rag, then get a bucket of water with some dish detergent in it and wash it off. Then spray down with the hose.

No Time to Clean the Grill Don’t Fret

If you don’t feel like cleaning the grill or don’t have the time to clean it after you use it then place a piece of good quality aluminum foil on the grill after you are done using it while it is still hot. The heat will cause the aluminum to grab on to the racks. Then next time you use the grill you just peal the foil off of the racks and it will pull up most of the debris with it. Throw out the foil, and give the grill a quick brush with your wire brush. The grill should be all ready to use now.

Keep Out the Critters

Before covering up the grill after using it place a Bounce fabric or two on the sides of the grill and by that I mean the shelves not the actual grill itself, then cover. This will keep rodents off of your grill. Remember field mice are really tiny and can get in there to look for any bits of leftover food that may be around. They don’t like the smell of Bounce fabric sheets so they should stay out. They have to be Bounce though. I don’t know why and I am sure there are probably other fabric softener sheets that would work too, but it is a known fact that Bounce works so still with what it tried and true.

Keep Clean Cooking Tip

Random BBQ tip: If you are using a pot to cook on the grill rub the bottom of it and the sides near the bottom with Ivory soap, it will keep soot from getting all over the pan, and will make it easier to wash afterwards.


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