Tips for Dad to Be : How to Pamper Your Pregnant Wife

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Pregnancy is a magical experience not just for the mom, but also for the dad. It is an amazing journey for both parents to be. Pregnancy is time of great excitement and anxiety. Spend quality time with your wife during this amazing period and simply spoil her rotten. Read on to learn about the various ways on how to pamper your pregnant wife.

There are many memorable and joyful moments during the pregnancy period, so as a dad to be; make sure that you enjoy these precious moments with your wife. The most touching moment, is the time you hear your baby's heartbeat for the first time. It is a unique experience, which is really moving.

Pregnancy is beautiful nine-month journey for the mom which is tough, uncomfortable and sometimes downright agonizing as well. As a dad to be, you should support and take care of your wife enormously. Your wife needs love, care and special attention at this time; therefore simply shower your love and affection in everyday activities. Spoil her with breakfast in bed; offer her the most useful gifts which can help her to get through the tough times of pregnancy.

It is very important to show your pregnant wife that you are equally excited and enthusiastic about the new life coming into your lives. Besides taking care of hundreds of things which need to be done till the time your baby arrives, you need to take good care of your wife.

Here are some excellent tips on how to pamper your pregnant wife. Follow these simple ways to make your wife’s nine months journey comfortable and happy.

Give her a massage

Aches and pains, stiffness and tension during the pregnancy are some common ailments faced by mom to be during the pregnancy. Gentle massage often helps to relieve problems such as backache, sleeplessness, headaches, and helps to relax. So pamper your pregnant wife by giving her a massage from time to time.

Surprise Her with gifts

During pregnancy women love to be in comfortable clothes. As the size keeps changing, the number of clothes in the wardrobe becomes less and less. These days most of the stores offer comfy and stylish maternity clothes so surprise her with  trendy maternity clothes and make her feel good about herself. Gifting your pregnant wife some sexy and beautiful maternity clothes can really cheer her up.

Gift her Spa treat

Gift her week- end break in a health spa or a resort and let her indulge in pampering activities especially designed for pregnant women. A gift like this will be really appreciated if you accompany her or send her with one of her best friends.

Show her you really care

As the baby grows, the woman undergoes a number of changes, many of which can make sleeping really tough. Finding a comfy position in order to sleep peacefully becomes indeed very difficult, especially during the last phase of pregnancy. Therefore, buy her a  aternity pillow. It is indeed an ideal gift for all pregnant women as it helps a great deal to make the pregnancy more comfortable. Maternity pillow helps in supporting the back and belly during the night and helps to sleep better during the later stages of pregnancy.

Take her photographs each month

Pamper your wife by taking her photographs during the different stages during the pregnancy. Make a personalized photo book of all her pregnancy pictures and give the photo book as a surprise gift to her. This loving gesture of yours will be cherished in the lovely pictures for ever.

Other simple ways to pamper her

  1. Gift her a magazine subscription related to Pregnancy or Mother and Baby.

  2. Buy her pregnancy books, clothes or toys for the baby.

  3. Accompany her to pregnancy yoga class

  4. Most of all surprise her by making the house clean and tidy from time to time.     


During the pregnancy simply love her, appreciate her, surprise her and just celebrate her. I hope you are inspired by these tips, so go get busy and I am sure that you will be successful in making your pregnant wife feel special and pampered.

Now you know how to spoil her rotten. So what are you waiting for go and pamper her!


Suba Lakshminarasimhan
Posted on Apr 8, 2011
john doe
Posted on Apr 8, 2011