Tips and Online Sites for Freelance Photography Business

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Tips and Online sources for freelance photographers.

Freelance Photography is one of the most in demand career these days. The good news is that Photographers can bring the passion from a typical hobby to a business opportunity may it be a part-time or full time basis. With the use of the powerful tool, Internet, there is a greater chance to be successful with it. Internet has revolutionalized business while photographers benefited from the multitude of online opportunities around the web. Here are some helpful tips and online sites for photographers :

Build Yourself. Just like any product, you have to build an image for your product. Now, your product is “you and your skills”. Create a portfolio both in print such as a presentable coffee table album and an online portfolio by creating a professional website. Purchasing your own domain would make it look professional, but be critical on the contents of the site since it will serve as a window of your business. Testimonies from notable past clients can be added to put more value to it.

Get a professional camera . The key to a good output image is the type of camera. Most photographers are very keen about the cameras they used, usually, more than one depending on their needs. If you are planning to purchase a new one, it is advisable to canvass and get reviews from others first about the right specifications and brands of a camera.

Go digital. Make use of the Internet in getting the latest trend in Photography business, acquire fresh knowledge and skills, communicate with fellow photographers and generate solid client base through social networks.

Opportunities for Freelance Photographers:

Personal and Corporate Events Photography

Portraits Work

Advertising Agencies

Freelance works for electronic journals and magazines

Commercial and Industrial Photography

Stock Photo Agencies

Online Sites for Photographers :

Flickr     A very good site to showcase personal and high-quality images., a social media guide awarded Dustin Diaz, as 2009 Best Flickr Photographer of the Year. Recognition from notable organization will increase the photographers market value to prospective clients.

iStockphoto    Sell royalty photos advisable for professional photographers

shutterstock    Earn from selling  your images,refer stock buyers and other photographer submitters

fotolia              Sell royalty photos and get paid through PayPal or Moneybookers

Triond and Associated Content    Both sites offers earning opportunities  for amateur and professional photographers. Payments through PayPal.     Guide for  starting a freelance photography business

There are lots of online sites that offers  great deal for photographers while there are also scam sites that gives false earning schemes.  Be wary, make sure to read the "Frequently Asked Questions" page and understand its terms and conditions before joining.

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