Tiny Tower Guide: Get Tower Bux, Coins, and Floors Fast

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Find out how to get Tower Bux and Coins in Tiny Tower really fast

As it is with most free iOS games on the Iphone, in Tiny Tower, it is better if you buy Tower Bux to become better at the game faster. This guide will show you how to be better at Tiny Tower without buying any Tower Bux.

1. Make sure your tower utilizes as many dream jobs as possible, for every dream job, you get 2 Tower Bux, which is quite a lot, especiallly later on in the game when you have lots of dream jobs, it can amount to quite alot.

2. Don't use your Tower Bux to upgrade stores until you have every single elevator, including the $499 one. This is important because the faster the elevator you have, the more bitizens you will move around, and the more Tower Bux you will earn.

3. The more you use the elevator to move Bitizens and visitors around, the more Tower Bux you will earn.

4. Often, you get a Tower Bux for completely restocking one store, so it is important to constantly check your Tower, so that one item doesn't run out before you get the other items in stock. This is one of the best ways to earn Tower Bux.

If your Tower is still not as good as other peoples Towers, there is one other way to make your Tiny Tower a whole lot better. It involves changing the time on your iPod or iPhone. If this is not done correctly, it can result in your Tiny Tower being very messed up, and doing this can also have a temporary effect on iMessage (you will not be able to send or receive messages while you are doing this).

Getting coins really fast:

1. Restock everything in your Tiny Tower.

2. Go to date and time in the settings on your device, and turn the time forward one day or so.

3. Go back to your Tiny Tower and restock everything again.

4. Repeat until you have the desired amount of coins.

5. Make sure everything is restocked and nothing is counting down, eg. restocking, building etc.

6. Set the date and time back to normal.

Getting Tower Bux very quickly

1. Find a day where a bitizen (or two) have a birthday.

2. Change the time and date to that day, making sure that no timers are counting down and everything is restocked.

3. Collect the Tower Bux, and move forward a year.

4. Repeat until you have the desired Tower Bux.

Hopefully this guide has helped you get a huge Tower in Tiny Tower.