Tinder vs Plenty Of Fish vs eHarmony vs Match.com: Online Dating Apps Compared

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Tinder makes it easy to set up a profile and get matches quickly through swiping so it’s good for the impatient. Plenty of Fish is one of the more intuitive sites which helps those who get frustrated with profile creation and match finding. The eHarmony

Even those who are on the go all the time can find a date now with the variety of online dating apps available. Here’s a comparison between some of the best ones so you can see which one is best in tune with what you like.


Tinder is an app available for both the App Store and Google Play.  Basically, you fill out your profile and then get a number of other profiles sent to you. You swipe left if you want to pass and move on to other profile matches, or your swipe right if you like the profile. That person will then get you as a match and if they also swipe that they like you, then you’re matched. You can also chat with matches inside of Tinder.


  • Easy Swipe Interface-Swipe one way to Like, and the other way to pass. This makes it way easier to move through profiles than you could with many other apps.
  • Over 6 Billion Matches Made-Tinder has set up over 6 billion people and counting through the app.
  • Location and Time Stamped-The profile matches you get can be keyed in on your location. The profiles will show how many miles the person is away from you, and when they were active.


Plenty of Fish

The POF, or Plenty of Fish app, is designated as being for those over the age of 17 right from the start. They don’t limit what messages you can send or receive if you use the free version. The site has some unique flair such as the fish personality test.


  • 50,000 New Singles Added Daily-Plenty of Fish is adding quite a few singles every day. They are quickly becoming one of the largest dating app options around.
  • Quick Searches-You can conduct a quick search with just one click based on location and age matches.
  • Click-based Searching-The site will decide matches based not only on the specifications you input, but also on the profiles that you tend to click on. In this way, it can learn your preferences intuitively over time.



The site for eHarmony is one of the more famous dating services around. The service also has a dating app, however. Once you get the app through Google Play or elsewhere, you can complete your relationship questionnaire and sign up right from the app.


  • Upload Photos from Facebook-The app lets you get photos to upload to your account from your Facebook profile.
  • Send Smiles-This is just a sort of basic feedback you can send to people, like a ping to see if they’re interested. This is all you can do with a free account, though. You can’t message your matches otherwise.
  • Check Profile Views-It’s easy to see who looked at your profile through the app if you’re a subscriber.
  • IceBreakers-These are little questions both you and your match can answer to make starting a conversation easier.
  • Secure Phone Conversations-This is an extra service, but you can talk to people without giving out your phone number.



The main site claims that they are the number one site in the world for dates and marriages. One of the main ways of quickly contacting people on the site is through a “wink.”


  • Chat Right Away with Singles-If you click on the chat link on the right after signing in, you have to then hit the blue “make me visible” button and chatting with people who are currently on is then possible. All you have to do is put your cursor over a profile and the link for starting a chat will come up.
  • Match.com Guarantee-This is called the “make love happen guarantee,” and the way it works is by making it so that if you sign up for a 6 month subscription and don’t find anyone, then you get 6 more months for free. You have to create a profile and talk to at least 5 different matches through the site though in order to qualify.
  • Android Wear Compatible-The Match app is actually compatible for those using Android Wear watches and other devices.  You can even get notifications for wink and emails this way.


Head to Head


The pricing on Tinder Plus seems to actually work via age. If you’re under 30, it’s $10 a month for the premium version Otherwise, it’s $20 per month. The basic features on the site are free.

Plenty of Fish charges around $13 per month for premium services. You can get basic services like matches and messaging both ways for free, however.

The subscription fee usually hovers around $60 per month. You really have to scroll all the way down the subscription page to find it, though. The subscription plans that cost hundreds of dollars are right at the top and you have to do a lot of digging to find the single month one.

Pricing for Match.com starts at around $42 per month.

Overall, Tinder and Plenty of Fish are the cheapest since they have low monthly fees and even plenty of functionality for free.


Support features are available through the link in the bottom right on the main page for Tinder. This sets you up with a series of questions before you can get to a person. The main draw of Tinder in terms of features is its Swipe interface. The Plus features include undo, which allows you to go back and undo the last swipe you made. The “passport” feature lets you add an additional location.

Plenty of Fish tends to have matches that are focused a lot more on vacation than on any other factor. The site is also known for being easy to setup when it comes to your profile.

One thing that’s important to note with eHarmony is that they don’t allow same-sex profile creation or searches, so you should definitely try one of the other apps if you want to do that.

Match.com has good reassuring features like their match guarantee or compatibility with Android Wear.

Overall, it’s important to avoid eHarmony if you want anything to do with same-sex relationships since they tend to outlaw them on the site. The eHarmony site is also one where you can’t message people without paying a fee for subscribing.