TicketNetwork vs Ticket Liquidator vs TicketMaster: Review & Comparison

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Ticket Network has lots of last minute tickets so they are great if you suddenly decide you want to go to a concert at the last minute. Ticket Liquidator is a better choice for people who happen to have a few tickets to sell, or those that really want a c

Getting tickets for a really popular concert or event can be pretty harrowing. People have been trampled for far less. Fortunately though, there are sites that handle exactly this kin d of thing. The best site for you will depend on whether you’re buying or selling, and exactly how you’re doing it, among other factors.


TicketNetwork started out in 2002 in Connecticut. They started as a ticket software developer. The website as it is currently was launched in 2007. Since then, thousands of people have been added to the network. The site sells 7.5 million event tickets every day, so they are definitely a he player.  The customer service number goes from 7 a.m. to 1a.m. EST every day and it’s 1-888-456-8499.


  • Live ticket agents on call
  • Get tickets last minute-Last minute availability means if you want to be spontaneous, you can totally go for it right now.
  • 125% Money back guarantee-If there’s a problem with your tickets; you’ll get all of your money back and then some.
  • Many tickets 15% under average
  • Inc. 500 Award
  • Paperless seating
  • Zone seating
  • Interactive Maps


Ticket Liquidator

Ticket Liquidator has been around since 2003 and they have one of the largest online inventories period. They also are known for having cheaper rates for seller than many other places, which will tend to drive down the cost of tickets. The number for getting help is 800-456-8499


  • Safety Net Program
  • Phone and Chat Customer Support
  • Certified Secure Checkout
  • Specialties in Concert, Sports, Theater-This includes popular shows like Billy Joel and Drake. Watch sports events with the Bruins or the Nets. Go for the Book of Mormon or Cirque de Soleil and more at the theater.
  • Seller Rank-The site uses a rating system that gives rankings to sellers who are doing ticket reselling. This is based on speed of confirmation, orders accepted, speed of ticket shipping, and number of complaints. Each rating also limits sellers. This includes which events they can sell tickets for, how many events they can list at once, types of tickets for resell, and the fee they’re charged.
  • Guarantee-Ticket Liquidator guarantees al tickets are legitimate tickets that are valid for entry.

TicketLiquidator is a great place to sell tickets if you have extra since it's only a 10% fee.


TicketMaster has more than just event tickets. You can also find a whole host of merchandise related to local events and the hottest artists and stars in their merch store.


  • Automatically Finds Your Location and Suggests Tickets Nearby- This is a nice feature since it makes the site function a bit like an app on a mobile phone.
  • Merch Store-You can buy merch from popular ticket events here, including lunch boxes, tote bags, shirts, CDs and more.
  • Pics and Videos-Click on the Pics and Videos tab on the site to search for captured experiences from all of your favorite  
  • Holiday Ticket Deals- There are a bunch of deals on tickets during the holidays, including 50% off, 2 for 1, “me+3” and even Gift Sweepstakes.
  • iPhone and Android App
  • 3 Days to Change Your Mind

Customer Reviews

Ticket Network

Ticket Network has friendly and passionate service, as well as helpful,”


Ticket Liquidator

My experience with Ticket Liquidator was excellent. It was easy and the prices were reasonable. I decided the day before the event to get tickets. I found the site; searched through what tickets they had available. The prices were very reasonable and cheaper than Stub Hub and other online places I checked. I ordered, checked out and my tickets were immediately emailed to me for download and printing. It was very easy and I am very happy with my experience.

-Laura A.

Ticket Master

Ticket Master is great for getting the full experience. I forgot to get a CD at the Miley Concert after I got tickets through TicketMaster but it was no problem bcuz I totally got one after I got back on their site!

-Tiffany S.

Here's a video about ticketmaster on Facebook.