Ticketmaster vs StubHub vs TicketsNow: Which Online Ticket Service is Best?

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Ticketmaster tends to be the cheapest and most secure option, since they provide all of their own tickets. It's known for being great for theater tickets. StubHub is great for finding deals, and it's also a great place to do reselling. TicketsNow is for t

Which Online Ticket Service is Best?

Gone are the days where you have to actually run down to a real ticket booth to get tickets for the latest concert, show, sport, or what have you. But this brings up the question, how should you get your tickets? Here’s a comparison of a few of the best online ticket sites currently around, for getting those tickets you love. The best one for you will depend on what’s most important to you!


Ticketmaster is known mostly for theater tickets, though they do have some other stuff too. They definitely have a seriously professional website, and plenty of awards online. They won the Toptenreviews awards for Excellence and Gold in 2013, for example.


Print Your Own Tickets- Makes it easier t

Customizable Gift Cards-You can make a gift card personalized

Sell Tickets Right on Site- It’s rare for a company to fully endorse selling tickets, let alone let you do it right on the site, but Ticketmaster is exactly that kind of company. You can even put up tickets for an online auction. There is a fee for this service, however.

Huge Range of Categories: This includes Ballet, Dance, Broadway, Musicals, Plays, even some Museums and special exhibits.

Purchase Right from the Source- When it comes to sites that have third party ticket sellers on them, sometimes you have to worry about whether the tickets are legitimate. But you’re buying right from the source, so you know that you’ll be good to go!


Stubhub tends to be more community guaranteed than other similar paperless ticket sites. Stubhub is the place to go for concert tickets, because they tend to specialize in it. They won the Bronze Award for 2013, behind Ticketmaster


-Sellers list for Free

-FanProtect Feature: Guaranteed Valid, On-Time Tickets- Stubhub will actually refund or give you comparable replacement tickets if the seller tries to rip you off or sends you tickets too late.

-Download PDFs in minutes for printing

-Thousands of Brokers offering shows (especially concerts)

-Last Minute Services: It’s possible to list (and buy) concerts and other event tickets right at the last second, up to just a minute or two before the event would start. You can rush in the door this way and do something on a whim!


Ticketsnow focuses more on the secondary ticket market, meaning that you can find some cheap stuff here. This is especially true of concert tickets. This means overall that the site doesn’t offer tickets itself, but instead connects buyers and sellers together.


Wide Range of Gift Cards- This includes everything from $25 up to $500 to let your friends and families choose their own concert tickets and more.

LiveChat- One unique feature is that you can jump into a chat with someone from the site to get help finding what you need fast.

Sports Tickets Galore- This includes NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and even NCAA events. Beyond that, you’ll find rodeo, tennis boxing, motocross and just about any sport anywhere at any time.

Overall Comparison

Fees- Ticketsnow charges 15% from both seller and buyer. Ticketmaster only charges about 8% to the buyer, but this is in addition to the facility fee, and the $2.50 service fee for downloading and printing the ticket. This tends to be about the same half the time. Stubhub charges 15 percent only to the seller, and a 5 dollar fee for “e-delivery” if you don’t want the tickets shipped to you in the mail.

Overall Price: Both Stubhub and Ticketsnow are third party sites, so the price will be “at market.” This means it can vary wildly based on what the tickets are currently selling for. Ticketmaster actually offers its own tickets, which means that can often be cheaper, and more guaranteed.


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