Thoughts on Gender Equality

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Gender equality is one of the issues that society has been debating for many years. Many people consider women as the weaker sex but not today when several women have proven themselves in all aspects of life to be as strong as men.

Even up to this day, women are considered the weaker sex by most. Oftentimes women are discriminated from work, sports, politics, religion and other aspects in society. When man was created, it was man who was first given life and from man, a part was taken to create the woman. This is probably the reason why men are always considered more powerful than men.

In the olden times, women were left at home to fend for the family and do the housework because she is the weaker sex, while man is out working in order to earn a living for the family. Man decides what has to be done in the family; what the children would do and how things must be done. It was always father who had the right to speak for all in the olden times and mother cannot decide things unless the father approves.

Today, in this computer age and high-tech ways of living, gender roles finally shifted to a modern phase. What men could do, women could too. Men and women are given equal rights and women are now sitting in their swivel chairs manning corporations and leading a nation. Women presidents have become common these days and in the sports arena, there are a lot of women who have proven themselves to be at par with men,

Men and women are the same and must be given equal rights. The rights of men must be enjoyed also by women. There should be no discrimination where rights are concerned for after all, women are very competitive to men in all aspects of life.

Why should women be considered the weaker sex when we bear the hardest situation in this world as we nurture the life inside us for nine months before it goes out to be one of us?  What sacrifice a woman does as she bear the children and make them who they are is one good example of women being strong and smart. Equality should always be considered where men and women are concerned. After all, both men and women are contributing to what our world is today.

Just like men, women could man a ship, lead a nation, fight enemies in the battle field and make a fine decision. It is therefore but right for women to be given what is due them and not to be discriminated and called the weaker sex.

In this phase of life we are in, women are no longer considered weaker than men. Many proofs had been recorded by women to be at par and sometimes better than men. This calls then for something better for the women of today, gender equality. There is no such word as weaker sex, women have proven that so many times. Gender discrimination must be totally erased and given a new outlook.


Ron Siojo
Posted on Jul 30, 2011
Trevor Snyman
Posted on Jul 29, 2011
Christine Gapuz
Posted on Jul 28, 2011