The World's Most Massive and Longest Venomous and Non-venomous Snakes

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Snakes vary in size. There are long but slender snakes. There are short but bulky snakes. There are long and massive bodied snakes. There are super small in size and there are extremely long species of snakes. Included also in the list are the largest and

The world's longest snakes... These are the most gigantic snakes in the world.

1. Titanoboa

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Titanoboa or Titanic Boa is the largest snake ever discovered. They were between 12 and 15 meters or 39 and 49 ft in length and weighed about 1,135 kg or 2,500 lbs with a diameter of 1 meter or 40 inches at the thickest part of the body.

2. Gigantophis garstini

It is not as gigantic as the Titanic Boa but it is still a massive snake. Gigantophis garstini is another prehistoric snake believed to have measured more than 10 meters (33 ft)

3. Reticulated Python

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Reticulated Python which can be found in the Philippines and neighboring countries in Southeast Asia is actually the longest extant snake at 33 feet or 10 meter in length. It is lighter than Anacondas and can weigh about 160 kilograms.

4. Green Anaconda

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The Green Anaconda of South America is regarded as the most massive extant snake in the world. It is shorter than the Reticulated Python but it is certainly larger in terms of body size and weight. It can attain a length of 9.5 meters or about 31.ft long. Green Anacondas can weigh as much as 250 kilograms.

5. Scrub Python

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Scrub Python, another huge species of python, can achieve a length of about 8.5 meters. It is a non-venomous snake and is also called Amethystine.

6. King Cobra

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The King Cobra is one of the most feared and deadliest snakes in the world. Who wouldn’t be afraid of a venomous snake that can be as long as 6.7 meter or 22 feet. The King Cobra holds the title for the “longest venomous snake in the world”. It can be found in Southeast Asia and India and weighs up to 6 kg or 13 lbs with an average lifespan of 20 years.

7. African Rock Python

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Among the largest snakes in the world are pythons. One of them is the African Rock Python, one of the largest in the world and the largest in Africa with a length of 6 meters or 20 ft long.

8. Indian Python

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Another large python is the Indian Python of India. It can attain a length of 5.85 meters which is equivalent to about 19 ft 2 inches.

9. Burmese Python

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Burmese Python is one of the most popular and favorite python for a pet because of its beautiful coloration and pattern aside from its gigantic size. It can grow as long as 5.5 meters or 18 feet long.

10. Chinese Rat Snake

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Chinese Rat Snakes, also known as Beauty Rat Snakes, are certainly not as huge as pythons but they can still be considered large in terms of length. A Chinese Rat Snake can attain a length of up to 4.75 meters which is more or less 15.6 feet.

11. South American Bushmaster

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The South American Bushmaster is not just large, it is also deadly. This dangerous snake can grow to a length of 3.65 meters or 12 feet.

12. Gabon Viper

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The Gabon Viper, not as very long as the other snakes on the list, but it is definitely bulky in size. It can reach a length of 2 meter or 6.6 feet but can weigh as much as 20 kg or 44 lbs making it the “heaviest non-constrictor snake in the world”. It is also known as the Butterfly Adder.