The Use of Paralanguage in Communication

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Language is a very important element in communication. There are about thousands of languages and dialects that are used by humans throughout the world in order to communicate with one another

Language is a very important element in communication. There are about thousands of languages and dialects that are used by humans throughout the world in order to communicate with one another. Some of these languages are very influential that they are used in some other countries. Other languages are just used in a single region or just used by a group of people or a single village and termed as their local dialect. Languages all over the world have their own survival history for some of them developed and expanded and some became extinct.

We used language to communicate to other people. Language and communication often manifested through our speech and writing, but there are other ways in which we communicate without having to talk or to write.

50 Years ago, a Scottish academic, David Abercrombie, discovered that we do not always speak with just words, we also use a great deal of gestures and we also communicate with our bodies. As we speak, our bodies give out all sorts of secrets. This is one way people can actually tell if someone is telling the truth or lying. Body language or paralanguage is very important with reading someone’s intentions or truth, also important with motivational speakers that want to get their point across.

These can be done through the use of the non-verbal communication such as communicating through the use of gestures, glances, changes in the tone of voice, as well as in other auxiliary communication devices.

All of these communication devices are termed as the “paralanguage”. It is being considered that paralanguage helps in reducing or preventing ineffective communication. Paralanguage that takes place in the face-to-face communication has been said to make it difficult for an individual to hide real feelings or emotions.

The paralanguages are usually manifested through the use of body languages such as messages we received in gestures, expressions, as well as body postures. Examples of these paralanguages are these communication messages that we usually see from the arms and the hands such as waiving goodbye, pointing, counting and several others.

It is being considered that communication is not only limited in the use of written as well as spoken languages. There are other ways of communication that we can use to express something or determine something. There are certain thing such as social communication in which we can determine if an individual is ok or not by the tone of his/her voice, expression and other attributes.

Languages, written, spoken or express in other way such as in paralanguage play an important role in human development. Language can be considered as one of the factors that are responsible for the transmission of culture from one generation to another.

It is also considered that without the existence of languages, knowledge could not have been maintained or it could not have been accumulated. Globalization facilitates the need for language to be use effectively as interracial communication is arising.

Several studies have found that when someone speaks to us, we only absorb about 7% of what they are saying through words alone.

When body language is used properly, we absorb and understand 55% through body gestures and 38% from the tone and voice inflections.


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Posted on Dec 14, 2010
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