The Typewriter Art of Paul Smith

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Before computer existed, the typewriter was the most famous device in the office, or with the writer. But I have found out that typewriters not only used for any types of communication, it can also be used to produce a beautiful art. Meet an amazing artist that despite of his disabilities, created something marvelous and wonderful.

Paul Smith was born in September 21, 1921 in Philadelphia, USA with cerebral palsy. Due to his cerebral palsy, Paul Smith was not able to have a formal education but he became a master of art even with his condition.

With the use of the typewriter, he was able to create pictures using only the ten upper keys. The Characters are @, #, $, %, ^, &, *, (,) and _. He uses his left hand in pressing the keys in the type writer. For seven decades, Paul created hundreds of pictures, most of them were given away but some of them he kept as a copy for himself.

As years of working on his typewriter, he was able to create techniques like, shading, colors and textures that would resembles to an art made of pencils and charcoals.

Paul Smith also an excellent chess game player. He loved this game so much that he will stop doing anything just to be able to play chess. Paul died in June 25, 2007 at the age of 86.

Here are a few of Paul Smith’s work of art with the use of the typewriter.

This was drawn in 1972 which is the “Seaside”

This is the Marion in Port which he drawn in 1972

He also drew pictures of dogs, cats, horses, squirrel, lions, and Owls.

This is the picture of his dog which he drawn in 1952.

Paul also produced portrait pictures of famous people.

Mother Theresa was drawn in 1990

Mona Lisa is still unknown of when Paul has made this one. He also did portraits of his friends, past Popes and Indian Chief.

This is the Old Mill,

Boy fishing with his dog.

This is a picture of the train approaching

This is the Roseburg train station.

Looking at these pictures, I have realized that anyone can do many great things if they put their minds and hearts into it. Paul had a cerebral palsy but it didn’t stop him to be able to do something great in spite of his illness.

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Posted on Jan 31, 2012