The Truth Behind Dominion Homes

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Dominion Homes advertises quality homes, as well as good customer service. In fact, they advertise many things that in turn are only false promises to consumers. They sell homes that their corporation agrees are faulty from the time they begin phase one o

Dominion Homes advertises quality homes, as well as good customer service. In fact, they advertise many things that in turn are only false promises to consumers. They sell homes that their corporation agrees are faulty from the time they begin phase one of construction, through completion. To them it is about a sales number, and building as cheap as possible. They cut many corners, and often right in front of their customers.

There are many questions you should ask your builder before you begin to break ground. First and foremost ask to see the soil reports of the ground they are building on. After that, ask how and if they check the ground for proper compaction. Odds are, if you ask these two questions first; they will turn away your business even if you are already in contract. In fact, they will likely sell it from underneath you if given the chance. They will realize that you already know too much about the building process, and then prey on someone more ignorant.

If you make it to the next section before they decide not to have you as a customer; ask how they intend to backfill once the foundation has been poured. Ask how long they let the concrete cure before back filling and framing. And even more importantly, what will they be back filling with? Odds are, its the same dirt or expansive clay soil that they dug up to begin the foundation in the first place.

Dominion is a fill and go builder, whom hires contractors that do not even believe in the builder they work for. At least the two contractors I met felt that way. One of which voiced "I think I need a new job."

Building with Dominion is a nightmare. Their concrete is weak. It chips, cracks and breaks. Their lack of improperly compacting ground allows basement floors to curl. It allows basement walls to crack beyond normal settlement. Within a few months you will most likely have vertical, horizontal, diagonal, and even stair step cracks in your foundation. And in some cases you will find pieces of wall missing, and notice that the concrete is quite porous. You may also notice trim popping out throughout the home, and that doors and windows no longer open and close properly.

In the Dominion Homes I have seen with for sale signs here in Ohio recently, some have foundations of which daylight can be seen from the interior. Dominion is fully aware, but they address nothing until the buyer or potential buyer raises the issue. In fact, I recorded two new videos just a week or so ago on homes that Dominion was made aware of being faulty in September. One of which holds a quarter from the exterior of the homes cracked foundation wall. You can use your imagination on what the interior looks like.

When they do repair the cracked foundations after the buyer has pointed out the issue they already know exists, they do not repair it properly. At least not from my experience with Dominion anyway. There's no epoxy injected at 2220psi. Odds are, they will use quick-crete instead. This allows them to skate past their warranty. It buys them another two years; and then they can turn to a concerned customer and say "That's not covered, it's not our fault."

When Dominion makes interior repairs, they will mostly use caulking. And I mean a lot of caulking! You may wind up with more caulking than actual wood for window trim. Caulk is the answer with dominion. Caulk, tape, and quick-crete fixes everything they build. The Dominion way is to cover it up,and not get to the root of the problem which is actually fixing what is truly wrong. Their methods and poor business tactics have resulted in customers with faulty basements, floors buckling, toxic mold, flooding, poor plumbing, ruptured gas lines, and so much more. Consumers have spent thousands on a home, only to find themselves spending thousands more to fix what wasn't done right to begin with.

Those that cant afford to fix it, often go into foreclosure. Quite possibly the reason why Dominion Home's customers are taking the lead in  homes with the most foreclosures. They lose equity the fastest, and fall apart the minute they begin construction. If you are looking for quality you can trust, look again.

Not to mention, when the appraisal comes in just before you close, they lie about that too. They will pull properties from miles away to get the price they sold it to you for. No appraiser physically walks through the property. This is also why these homes lose value so quickly. They are sold for more than they are worth to begin with.

At closing Dominion offers a "Home Maintenance Guide." In this book they tell you that you should caulk your house every six months. This book will also tell you about all of your future headaches with this company. Read the warranty section very closely! Many purchase a home as they would a car, with the intent to have something reliable that will not need repairs for a while. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Dominion. You will be walking around with caulk, spackle, tape, and paint regularly.

Many are fooled by Dominion's stating that "the home is to code" and has "passed inspection". However, what many consumers are unaware of when building a home; is that a municipal inspector sits at his desk and signs. Cities do not have the funds to pay them to physically walk the property. An inspector is present when footers are done, but that inspector does not check for proper ground compaction. He is pretty much there to assure the footers are installed so that concrete can be poured.

Check with your local BBB, Attorney General's office, and other complaint forums. Dominion has built many homes, all of which have residents who complain of these exact same things I write about. This is real, they are committing fraud, and it is time that they stop and consumers be made aware.

If you are experiencing problems with your Dominion Home, contact your Attorney Generals office; and lastly me. I would love to hear your story. Perhaps it's time the government begin an investigation of their own. They already busted them with loan fraud in 06, and now it's time justice be served for Dominions malicious attempts to rob their customers blind. Hardworking Americans deserve to get what they pay for. They deserve a structurally safe home. They deserve the quality Dominion advertises.

My children came up with a slogan of their own for Dominion during our experience building with them. When they see signs, commercials, or other Dominion properties they say "Dominion, it's your bad home." As we know, children are quite honest. For them to observe and come up with such a statement speaks volumes. If Dominion properly advertised, that would be the most fitting slogan for this builder. For Dominion, it's all about quantity, not quality.

Dominion Vocabulary Test (if you practice these words and phrases, they may hire you too!)

* It's normal

*That's the industry standard

*We can caulk it!

*Paint will cover that!

*We will get that in 6 months

*That will be taken care of at the one year review

*That isn't covered by your warranty anymore

*It is not our fault!


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