The Top 3 Music Gear Websites Compared: Guitar Center, Musician's Friend & Music123

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Guitar Center, Musician's Friend and Music123 are the largest online music retailers. Buying a musical instrument on the Internet may at first seem impractical. Customers usually want to play a guitar or keyboard before purchasing but that isn't always necessary or possible, especially for people who live in small towns without a music store or who live a long distance from the nearest music retailer.

These three music retailers make it easy for someone to purchase music gear online because of the wealth of information available for each product. Musician's, and have thousands of products reviews by customers and music industry experts, instructional videos, DVDs and books, and a knowledgable sales staff, many of whom are professional musicians.

Guitar Center owns Musician's Friend and Music123 and all 3 companies have similar prices and brands; but but there are subtle differences in their websites, products and customer relationships.


Danny Hauger
Posted on Feb 12, 2011
Posted on Feb 12, 2011
Posted on Feb 4, 2011