The Talented Cast of the Movie Liar Liar

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The hilarious comedy Liar Liar was released in theaters in 1997. Jim Carrey starred as the greedy and loveable Fletcher Reede. Meet Carrey and the rest of the case of the movie Liar Liar.

Liar Liar is a comedy film about Fletcher Reede (Jim Carrey) who is a greedy lawyer who will do anything to get to the top. Fletcher is divorced from his wife Audrey (Maura Tierney) and shares custody of their son Max (Justin Cooper) with her. When Max’s wish for his fifth birthday that his dad can’t lie for 24 hours is granted, Fletcher begins to see what is really important in his life.

The cast of the film really brought the comedy elements to life. Meet the talented cast members of the film Liar Liar below.

Jim Carrey as Fletcher Reede

Jim Carrey plays the lead role of Fletcher Reede who is a greedy, self centered lawyer, completely focused on his career. Carrey plays the role of Reede beautifully and ads his brilliant physical comedy to the part to really bring out the passion of Fletcher. Just prior to his role as Fletcher Reede, Jim Carrey played The Cable Guy in the film The Cable Guy released in 1996. Liar Liar was one of the more popular Jim Carrey comedy movies.

Maura Tierney as Audrey Reede

Maura Tierney plays the responsible ex-wife of Fletcher, Audrey Reede. Audrey often has to pick up the pieces for her son Max when his father Fletcher fails to deliver on his promises. Maura is a great supporting actress to Carrey as the two have a very believable relationship. Prior to her role as Audrey, Tierney was Naomi Chance in the hit drama Primal Fear released in 1996.

Justin Cooper as Max Reede

Justin Cooper plays the adorable Max Reede who is the son of divorced parents Audrey and Fletcher. Justin was nominated for a Blockbuster Entertainment Award as well as a Young Artists Award for his role as Max. Prior to his role as Max, Cooper was cast for an episode of the TV show Boy Meets World in 1997.

Cary Elwes as Jerry

Cary Elwes is Jerry who is the dry, professional new boyfriend of Audrey. Jerry desperately wants to be a father figure to Max and win Audrey’s heart but ultimately is unable to do so. Prior to his role as Jerry, Elwes was Dr. Jonas Miller in the movie Twister released in 1996.

Jennifer Tilly as Samantha Cole

Jennifer Tilly plays to sultry and greedy Samantha Cole who is looking to get half of her ex-husbands estate after she cheated on him with another man. Tilly plays the role of Samantha quite convincingly as she storms out of the courtroom demanding full custody of the children in the final courtroom scene. Prior to her role as Samantha, Jennifer Tilly was Patty Mae in the film American Strays released in 1996.

Other notable cast members in the movie Liar Liar are as follows:

Anne Haney as Greta

Amanda Donohoe as Miranda

Jason Bernard as Judge Marshall Stevens

Swoosie Kurtz as Dana Appleton

Mitch Ryan as Mr. Allan

Christopher Mayer as Kenneth Falk

Eric Pierpoint as Richard Cole

Randall 'Tex' Cobb as Skull

Cheri Oteri as Jane

SW Fisher as Pete

Ben Lemon as Randy

Jarrad Paul as Zit Boy

Marianne Muellerleile as Ms. Berry

Krista Allen as Busty Woman in Elevator

These are just some of the many talented cast members that went into making Liar Liar. If you are looking for more great Carrey comedies check out the entire Jim Carrey filmography. Liar Liar is just one of the over thirty Jim Carrey movies filmed during his successful career.



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