The Relevance of Stenography Writing

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Stenography writing is a very helpful skill that makes writing faster,most especially when taking down note dictations.

Stenography or commonly known as shorthand comes from the Greek word "stenos" meaning narrow and "graphie" meaning writing. Hence, Stenography is a method of writing that uses symbols, instead of letters. This Kind of ability has been necessary to people who work mostly in a paper and pen related jobs. Most especially to the secretaries, news reporters, or even others who needs to take down notes in an accurate and reliable writing.

Stenography is one of the most valuable subjects you will ever learn, because it relieves you from the drudgery of writing longhand or using letters. It makes writing a lot faster than using the longhand writing. All kinds of notes such as telephone messages, reminders, and shopping lists, can be written using shorthand. Students and professionals in all kind of occupations find their jobs a lot easier if they know how to write shorthand, and some of the instances are:

1. STUDENTS with this kind of skill help them jot down notes faster and more accurate than those who struggle using longhand. They also use this to draft some reports for different class assignments and library researches.

2. For the NEWS REPORTERS, they use shorthand when taking down facts and information for a new story to be reported live through television. On the fact that different stories can be found everywhere 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, a news reporter should then have the ability to take down notes in shorthand, to be able to collect or produce more than a pair of news stories to be reported within a day.

3. To be able to handle sensitive cases, LAWYERS and JUDGES also use shorthand in writing information for different cases they handle.

4. SECRETARIES should be the first on the list of shorthand proficiency, because most of their daily task is about writing notes, letters and memorandum. During emergency cases managers may just call and dictate to the secretary over the telephone some important letters that needs immediate response while he is in a business trip.

5. COURT REPORTERS are also required to have this kind of skill, because their main job is to record testimony during legal proceedings. Nowadays, because of the technology, machines are already developed to make our job and everyday task a lot easier. In line with the Court Reporters and Stenographers, shorthand machines are already developed. The latest kind of these machines has an internal storage memory which allows the user to transfer or copy her files in a computer for file interpretation and automatically convert the file in a typewritten like format.

These are just some of the numerous benefits of a person with Stenography skill. Though different kinds of machines are already out, this kind of ability is still very significant in every student and professionals, because of the fact that we cannot do away with writing. Writing is part of our life and history, this is one of the ways where in we discover our past, and analyze our ancient times. Stenography and its machines is just a way for us to be able to make our writings a lot easier and help us come out in the drudgery of taking down impromptu notes using longhand.

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Posted on Dec 10, 2011